2023 1 Labor costs that are clearly associated with specific units or batches of product

Business Finance 2023 MCQs

1 Labor costs that are clearly associated with specific units or batches of product 2023


 1. Labor costs that are clearly associated with specific units or batches of product because the labor is used to convert raw materials into finished products called are: 
A. Sunk labor.
B. Direct labor.
C. Indirect labor.
D. Finished labor.
E. Supervisory labor.


  2. Flexibility of practice when applied to managerial accounting means that: 
A. The information must be presented in electronic format so that it is easily changed.
B. Managers must be willing to accept the information as the accountants present it to them, rather than in the format they ask for.
C. The managerial accountants need to be on call twenty-four hours a day.
D. The design of a company’s managerial accounting system largely depends on the nature of the business and the arrangement of the internal operations of the company.
E. Managers must be flexible with information provided in varying forms and using inconsistent measures.


3. Which of the following items is a management concept that was not created to improve companies’ performances? 
A. Just-in-time manufacturing.
B. Customer orientation.
C. Total quality management.
D. Continuous improvement.
E. Theory of Constraints.


 4. Which of the following items appears only in a manufacturing company’s financial statements? 
A. Cost of goods sold.
B. Cost of goods manufactured.
C. Goods available for sale.
D. Gross profit.
E. Net income.


  5. Which of the following items does not represent a difference between financial and managerial accounting? 
A. Users of the information.
B. Flexibility of practices.
C. Timeliness and time dimension of the information reported.
D. Nature of the information.
E. Purpose of accounting.


 6. Dell Builders manufactures each house to customer specifications. It most likely would use: 
A. Capital process costing.
B. A periodic inventory system.
C. Unique costing.
D. Job order costing.
E. Activity-based costing.


7. Concept Company’s manufacturing accounting system uses direct labor costs to apply overhead to goods in process and finished goods inventories. Canoe Company’s manufacturing costs for the year were: direct labor, $30,000; direct materials, $50,000; and factory overhead applied, $6,000. The overhead application rate was: 
A. 5.0%
B. 12.0%
C. 20.0%
D. 500.0%
E. 16.7%


8. A job cost sheet shows information about each of the following items except: 
A. The direct labor costs assigned to the job.
B. The name of the customer.
C. The costs incurred by the marketing department in selling the job.
D. The overhead costs assigned to the job.
E. The direct materials costs assigned to the job.



9. The ending inventory of finished goods has a total cost of $9,000 and consists of 600 units. If the overhead applied to these goods is $3,000, and the overhead rate is 75% of direct labor, how much direct materials cost was incurred in producing these units? 
A. $3,750
B. $2,000
C. $4,000
D. $6,000
E. $9,000



10. Job order costing systems normally use: 
A. Periodic inventory systems.
B. Perpetual inventory systems.
C. Real inventory systems.
D. General inventory systems.
E. All of the above.



11. Over applied or under applied overhead should be removed from the Factory Overhead account at the end of each accounting period. 
True    False


 12. If actual overhead incurred during a period exceeds applied overhead, the difference will be a credit balance in the Factory Overhead account at the end of the period. 
True    False


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