2023 1 The two major types of reports in business are the A formal and informal B statistical

Business Finance 2023 Multiple Choice

1 The two major types of reports in business are the A formal and informal B statistical 2023

1.The two major types of reports in business are the:

A. formal and informal. 

B. statistical and formal. 

C. informal and memo. 

D. informal and periodic. 


2.The type of report used most frequently within business organizations is the:

A. formal report. 

B. informal report. 

C. statistical report. 

D. research report. 


3.Memo reports flow:

A. upward. 

B. downward. 

C. laterally. 

D. in all directions. 


4. Formal business reports may be used:

A. both internally and externally. 

B. when little time is available for research. 

C. when the outcome is usually known. 

D. mainly for external use only. 


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