2023 Please see the attachment Using the Walmart case that you are assigned answer the end of case questions

Business Finance 2023 500 Words

Please see the attachment Using the Walmart case that you are assigned answer the end of case questions 2023

Please see the attachment

 Using the Walmart case that you are assigned, answer the end of case questions and do someadditional research on where Walmart is now in the process of investigating its own bribery allegations.  What are your thoughts on Walmart’s current state of affairs? 

Presentation of strategic issues: identification of 
appropriate issues to be analyzed and the tools and 
techniques for analysis.
Application of concepts: use of concepts and tools 
that you have been studying to gain insight. 
Consideration of conflicting opinions: examination 
of other points of view, the appropriateness of tools 
not chosen for analysis, conflicting information.
Recommendation is valid: support of diagnosis or 
conclusions with reasons and evidence.
Overview of Format
Note that your text should be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, with indented paragraphs. 
Do not double space between paragraphs. Case analyses should contain headings for each 
section to organize your document. Both case analyses and homework should be 
approximately two pages in text length (500-600 words), but may have supplemental 
attachments such as charts and tables, appropriately labeled. Every case and homework 
will be submitted to the assignment link in Moodle, but please bring a copy to class for your 
own reference.
Case Analysis
In a case analysis, we do not summarize the case. The text has provided that information 
for you. Examine the text questions and consider the case from a managerial position in 
your firm. 

(1) A title page and reference page should be provided for all homework assignments.

(2) APA format should be followed for the citations in the text and for the references.

(3) Use headings and subheadings to organize your work.

(4) Cite the sources of your information in the text of the document (Radebaugh, et.al, 2014) with full references at the end.

(5) Make use of the online resources provided in the Moodle forum, with reference to the text.

(6) Limit your quoted material.  The rule of thumb for quotes is (a) don’t quote unless there’s no other way to say it; (2) Quote only for impact.  

(7) Write in 3rd person objective…recall this is a brief for your firm.


   These should be used initially to conduct your research as they contain a significant amount of information regarding the quantitative data for the homework assignments.  For instance, most current GDP, GNP, demographic information, etc. may be found in these sites

You can use this link and please ues your own resources 





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