Connecting Race and Place – Agree or disagree with their evaluation of how well the author framed the messaging about socioeconomic mixing

Respond to  two of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

· Agree or disagree with their evaluation of how well the author framed the messaging about socioeconomic mixing.

· Explain another way in which Stroh’s (2015) systems thinking framework is integrated into and affects the messaging.

· Explain how their post might inform your approach to the social problem you chose for your Final Project.

· Post a critique of the  Connecting Race and Place sample communication on p. 38 of the Volmert et al. (2016) article in the Learning Resources. Be sure to address how well the authors framed the messaging about socioeconomic mixing.

· Volmert et al. (2016) addressed the social change problem affecting the African Americans and Latinos likely to live in low-income neighborhoods with a tone that allows the readers to conceptualize the problem unbiasedly. The authors framed the message about socioeconomic mixing by respecting the African Americans and Latinos community. They did not post the issue as if it was the fault of the two communities. Instead, the authors provided specific examples of why the two communities are most likely to be negatively affected. The legal and social discrimination ramification mentioned by the authors was framed in a way that conveyed a positive view of how people would think and talk about African Americans and the Latino community.


· Then, describe at least one of the four challenges of change from Stroh’s (2015) systems thinking framework that the author integrated into the messaging.

· One of the challenges of change the authors integrated into the messaging is third system thinking, focus. According to Stroh (2015), this challenge “… focuses people on working on a few key coordinated changes over time to achieve systemwide impacts that are significant and sustainable” (p.22). The benefit of this system approach reveals the responsibility for the current reality of the African American and Latino communities as it relates to legal and social discrimination. Volmert et al. (2016) provided at least two examples of how American society’s practices influence segregation by race and income.


· Explain whether the author used a systems approach or a conventional approach to meet the challenge of change and how the approach affects the messaging. Be specific.

· The author used a conventional approach to meet the challenge of change. The connection between the problem (legal and social discrimination) and its causes is obvious and can be traced. For example, Volmert et al. (2016) mentioned that African Americans are most likely to receive a different type of loan from banks than white applicants, even though their financial backgrounds are the same. The authors’ conventional approach affects the message of the social problem by clearly laying out the causes, which are apparent and can be traced, and placing the blame (Stroh, 2015) on American organizations, such as the banking and real estate system. The authors’ conventional thinking approach optimizes the parts of the problem, which, according to Stroh (2015), can optimize the whole.


· Stroh, D. P. (2015). Systems thinking for social change: A practical guide to solving complex problems, avoiding unintended consequences, and achieving lasting results. Chelsea Green Publishing.


· Volmert, A., O’Neil, M., Kendall-Taylor, N., & Sweetland, J. (2016, October 29).  Mixing it up: Reframing neighborhood socioeconomic diversity.  Download Mixing it up: Reframing neighborhood socioeconomic diversity.

Critique of Connecting Race and Place

 When reading the literature on socioeconomic mixing, it is difficult that some cannot see how a juxtaposition of affluent and poor individuals living in close proximity would help access to service as a whole. The article did allow the reader to form their own opinions on the subject with a clear presentation of the evidence.  By framing the problem based on evidence rather than anecdotal evidence the reader has a clear idea of what is actually causing the perpetuation of the poverty cycle in such communities (Volmert et al., 2016).  It is very much parallel to  the perpetuation of poverty among those who are perpetrators of crimes.  These individuals are incarcerated, then fined.  Individuals cannot pay their fines, and continuously find themselves in a cycle of repeat offences and incarcerations. 

Messaging and Socioeconomic Mixing 

By using focus and mixing the issues, the author attempts to use the Gestalt theory looking at the whole, then breaking it down into its appropriate parts.  While individuals do have responsibility to help protect the well-being of one another, they can only do that when learning and addressing the issues with effective communication. While the article does not implicitly place responsibility on our society and does present the facts in an unbiased manner, as a whole, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusion based on the parts and whole.

Challenge of Stroh’s Systems Thinking Framework  

 Stroh’s use of systems thinking shifts the framework from addressing a specific problem that is hindering progress in a system to using systems thinking as a mechanism for improving work over time. Within the framework it shows how the community can get buy in and map out challenges to the greater good. One of the challenges associated with this is that change, like most items that progress, is not linear in nature.  Human involvement and advocacy for change often comes with complications and complex assessments.  In this case the planning process needed in order to secure such a desired outcome would require efficiency and effectiveness metrics  (Vega, 2015). 

Systems or Conventional Approach  

The systems approach was used in the article, or will be used based the inference that stakeholders and individuals of color will be involved themselves in the process for closing the gap. Assignment Help Provider

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