A qualitative study of social worker s awareness in identifying human trafficked victims NOT TOO September 2023

A qualitative study of social worker s awareness in identifying human trafficked victims NOT TOO 2023

 A qualitative study of social worker’s awareness in identifying human trafficked victims. NOT TOO BROAD OR NARROW.


The premise consists of the following six parts:

1. Title

2. The problem statement, including the research question(s)

3. Theoretical framework

4. Brief overview of the methodology, including potential types and sources of data, and

approach for the study

5. References

6. Limited to 500 words (not including the Reference page)

An Annotated Outline

Title Page

The recommended title length is 12 words to include the topic, the variables, and relationship

between them, and the most critical keywords. Double-space the title if over one line of type and

center it under the word Premise. See the template below.

Include your name, your program of study (and specialization if applicable) and Banner ID

number, double-spaced and centered under the title. See the template below.


The title as it appears on the title page, double-spaced (if over one line of type) and centered at

the top of the page. The title follows the word Premise and a colon.

Problem Statement

Provide a statement that is the result of a review of research findings and current practice. This

statement should contain the following information:

1. Briefly describe a social work practice problem and why it is important to address within

the context of social work practice.

2. Preliminary evidence that provides justification that this problem is meaningful to the

field of social work practice. Provide several (3-5 minimum) key citations that highlight

the relevance and currency of the problem.

3. Identify your preliminary practice-focused research question(s).

Theoretical Framework

Briefly present a theory that you have identified to frame the project. Briefly explain how the

theory(ies) applies.

Brief Overview of Methodology

Briefly describe the project’s design, sources of evidence, and how they will be obtained. You

do not need to describe the procedures in detail. For example, you may say that digital

surveys will be used to collect the data.


Include APA-formatted references for all citations made within the Premise Paper. The

references should be listed on a separate page at the end of the paper.


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