Education Please respond to the following Based on the lecture and Webtext materials September 2023

Education Please respond to the following Based on the lecture and Webtext materials 2023


Education.” Please respond to the following:

Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

Outline the most significant obstacles to obtaining an education in developing countries. Suggest at least two (2) reasons why education should be a priority in the developing world. Next, propose significant overall strategies – aside from building more schools – that those in leadership positions in developing countries may use in order to help their people escape poverty through education.

Please respond to at least one (1) post from your peer below:

Hey guys and Professor

Education in developing countries can be difficult. It has been studied that very few graduates from school and even some children don’t have the pleasure of completing elementary school. Some countries don’t have the material to educate children properly with just the basics of reading. I just feel it should be a high priority in ALL countries that people have proper education as a child. It will help not only them individually but as a country as a whole. More money, more jobs, which means a better economy. They would not only be able to take care of themselves, but their families and the cycle would continue from generation to generation. Assignment Help Provider

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