Throughout the past nine weeks you have had the ability to apply social work practice skills in September 2023

Throughout the past nine weeks you have had the ability to apply social work practice skills in 2023


Throughout the past nine weeks, you have had the ability to apply  social work practice skills in a real-world setting. At the end of your  placement, your supervisor completed a final evaluation of your practice  skills.

Having had the chance to review your final evaluation, you  will now synthesize the results of your evaluation to help you  self-assess your field education experience. By performing the  self-assessment, you will evaluate your professional development as a  future social worker.

For this assignment, reflect on your field education  experience. Consider the skills that you have developed and how they  might contribute to your professional identity as a social worker.  Reflect on what you hope to learn in your concentration year experience.

As you review your evaluation, the opportunity to engage  in personal professional development should remain a consideration for  the remainder of your program.

For this Assignment, reflect on your field education  experience. Review the results of your final evaluation and reflect on  what you would like to gain in future field education experiences.

Note: You should receive your final evaluation from you field instructor.

The Assignment: (4 pages)  I have two papers that i have uploaded thats can needs to be rewrite. and just add the pionts that were not mentioned

  • Explain whether you demonstrated social work practice  skills throughout your field education experience, including a  description of each social work practice skill and the measure(s)  provided in the final evaluation.
  • Explain how participation in your field education course might help with future field experiences.
  • Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills.
  • Explain how your next field education experience might address those areas.
  • Explain how you have grown as a professional during this process.
  • Propose personal action plans for future field experiences.

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