U S Government 25 Topics 1 Economic Dominance 2 Economic Advisers 3 Market Fundamentalism 4 Unemployment September 2023

U S Government 25 Topics 1 Economic Dominance 2 Economic Advisers 3 Market Fundamentalism 4 Unemployment 2023


U.S Government

25 Topics:

1) Economic Dominance

2) Economic Advisers

3) Market Fundamentalism

4) Unemployment Rate 

5) Shareholders

6) Profit

7) Scarcity

8) Financial Crisis

9) Markets and Prices

10) Federal Reserve

11) Stakeholder

12)  Economic Recovery

13) GDP

14) Congressional Democrats

15) Opportunity Costs

16) Capital goods

17) Economic Crisis

18) Markets and Prices

19) Multilateral Trading System

20) Inflation

21)  Saving and Investing

22)  Financial Markets

23)  Income Distribution

24) Consumers

25) Incentives

Required: 25 Articles related to the 25 topics of course with typed summary for each. (1 article for 1 topic)

Current articles within the last year (2018)..

Optional: May use cartoons, polls, graphs, etc…


1. Title: Checks & Balance Organizer 

URL of the article.

Summary of the article. 

Sample of an example:

Checks & Balance Organizer


 As set up in the U.S. Constitution, the government is divided into three branches, the executive, legislature and the judiciary. The three branches are interrelated with each doing checks and balances to the others. Checks and balances ensure that none of the branches will become too powerful than the others. The legislature approves the nominations made by the president and can also impeach him. The judiciary, which is made up of the courts, can declare some legislature laws as unconstitutional. 

Must keep summary next to article url.

Summary should be a short paragraph.

Single words or a single sentence will be given a zero.

Journal (Notebook) Grading 

Estimated sections, mark the point that best describes your Journal. I will fill in the actual Completeness: Homework assignments, writings and in notes. (0 to 20) 

Neatness: Readable, good clean diagrams, drawing, highlighting, colors, typed (0 to 5 ) 

Outside Information: (Min 25) news articles, reports, data, drawings, extra notes, cartoons,etc.. Everything you do in this section must be fully explained or doesn’t count. (0 to 25 pts) 

Total Points: 0 to 50


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