Find and read an article that is related to a topic covered in class discussion or September 2023

Find and read an article that is related to a topic covered in class discussion or 2023


  1. Find and read an article that is related to a      topic covered in class discussion or in your text for the week you have      chosen. You may use newspapers,      magazines, journals, and online sources. 
  2. Once you have made your selection and read your      article, write a brief summary of the article (1-2 pages)      double-spaced. Include:

a. Explanation of why you selected this topic.

b. Where you found the article.

c. Summarize the article. 

d. Explain how it relates to the topic covered the assigned week. 

e. Choose a social theory and explain how it helps understand the topic of the  article

f. Give your opinion of the article.

  1. Prepare a presentation for the class. Include your article summary, where you      found the article, and how it relates to the course concepts. Your slides should be brief bullet      points not your text from the paper cut and pasted on a slide. The presentation should be no less than      5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes. 
  2. Additionally, find one short video online that      can serve as an example of the topic. This can be a clip from a TV show, Movie, original work, comedy      routine, etc. Include this in your      presentation. 

The write-up is due at the beginning of the class on the day your presentation is given.

Grading rubric


Presentation Assessment    Criteria 



Briefly and clearly   summarizes content of article 


Describes ties between   article and course content 


Describe how the   sociological theory you chose helps explain the topic


Presentation is coherent,   organized, and within 10 minutes


Video selection 


Write up the summary of the article including the points above.  

750 to 850 words
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