Type of paperOther SubjectInternational Affairs Relations Number of pages6 Format of citationChicago Turabian Number of cited resources3 Type September 2023

Type of paperOther SubjectInternational Affairs Relations Number of pages6 Format of citationChicago Turabian Number of cited resources3 Type 2023


  • Type of paperOther
  • SubjectInternational Affairs/Relations
  • Number of pages6
  • Format of citationChicago/Turabian
  • Number of cited resources3
  • Type of serviceWriting

In a 5-7 page paper (excluding cover page and bibliography), develop a case study of a counterintelligence operation. Your case study could be in any number of specialty areas: Ø Counter-terrorism Ø Counter Drug Ø Corporate Security Ø Law Enforcement Ø Humanitarian Efforts For your case study, assess the threats, the indicators, operation details, the role counterintelligence agents played, results and an assessment of the operation′s successes and failures. You must use Turabian-Chicago style. Include a cover sheet, running head, page numbers, section headings, and a bibliography. Also, you must use in-text parenthetic for all citations. Do NOT use first person language and avoid passive voice. Some do′s and don′ts: DO ØUse Turabian/Chicago format ØUtilize a running head, section headings and page numbers ØProofread ØCite your sources (even if not a direct quote) Ø Have a separate bibliography ØUse in-text parenthetic citations ONLY! No footnotes or endnotes! DON’T ØUse passive voice or first person ØPost your paper abstract to the Discussion Board Ø Use end notes Here are some final tips: 1) Make sure your paper follows Turabian style. This means to have a cover page, a running head and page numbers, section and subsection headings, proper citations, and a complete bibliography/resource page with citations formatted correctly. 2) I prefer in-text parenthetic citations. However, if you hate them, use footnotes (make sure that you use Word′s insert reference function). Please, do not use end notes. They often get confused with the bibliography/resource page. 3) Avoid the use of passive voice as much as possible. Some is okay, but don′t over use. If you need help with this, let me know. 4) First person should only be used when referring to yourself specifically. Do not use ″we″, ″our″, or the like when referring to the United States or any component agency. 5) Proofread!!! 6) Please be concise and to the point. I don′t need you to sound ″academic.″ I like clarity. I′d rather have a paper that is a little short, but is direct, to the point, and very clear than a lengthy paper with a bunch of filler. 7) Write about what you have interest in. Just make sure it ties to counterintelligence operations.


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