You have determined a project idea and are ready to begin the research to find the RFP September 2023

You have determined a project idea and are ready to begin the research to find the RFP 2023


You have determined a project idea and are ready to begin the research to find the RFP that is the best match for your project.

(My project will be Respite care for children with special needs what come from Military Families)

There are many viable approaches to searching for and locating project funding, but the most effective are those that utilize appropriate technologies. With the specifics of your project in mind, look for RFPs using the state, federal, and foundation grants databases/search engines listed in this week’s Learning Resources. This is an important step, so take your time in identifying grant providers that issue grant awards that align to your organization’s specific cause or need. Bookmark these websites and keep notes in the Process Development Template. Each website offers a wealth of varied information for grant seekers that can greatly enhance your developing understanding of grantsmanship.

When reviewing RFPs, look specifically for the following information:

· Who is eligible to apply?

· How many awards/grants are being given?

· What is the dollar amount of the grant/award?

· What are the collaboration/partnership requirements?

· What is the length of the grant period?

· For private funders, who is on their board and does the applicant have any existing relationships with anyone?

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