i need this in a day I have attached the grading criteria please read it before September 2023

i need this in a day I have attached the grading criteria please read it before 2023

i need this in a day. I have attached the grading criteria . please read it before starting writing. Please use simple English,  not high level English. Please include the outline of what you wrote on separate document.

Topic:Money is important to success 

 please be sure to focus on argument and you have to bring the argument that against your opinion with the sources once support your opinion and one against.

 Building upon the strategies you have learned for the categorical/definitional essay, you will write an evaluation essay in which you defend something you enjoy (a hobby, sport, film, book, musical artist, etc.) against an oppositional audience by comparatively evaluating your topic as an exemplary example of the niche (category) it fills. What are you “nerdy” about? What hobby or interest fully engages you—even obsesses you—that your peers may not understand? Imagine that your audience dislikes, or at the very least does not understand the appeal of, your selected topic. Examples: The Fifty Shades movies are sex-positive criticisms of modern gender dynamics because (a, b, c), or MMA is the fairest of all sports because (a, b, c), or Knitting is a good form of exercise for arthritic patients because (a, b, c), or Knitting is a good form of physical rehabilitation for professional athletes because (a, b, c) are all good ways to evaluate your topic, and in each you will argue against different audiences, each opposed to your argument. This essay is similar to the definitional argument and you will build upon the skills you learned for the last paper. However, evaluation arguments are a bit more complicated. You must decide which criteria are most relevant to your topic. For example, in the first example above, which criterion is the more important element of romantic movie: a happy ending, romantic strife, the threat of an external love interest? Decide which of your criteria is necessary and which are merely sufficient. You may define the categories (Y) your X-term fits into by your own rubric or by that of an exterior source. Remember: you are not evaluating ethical concerns, nor are you merely expressing an opinion; you are making a solid argument that your topic is a better fit for its category than other options may be. We will discuss this further in class, so attendance is imperative. All essays should be typed (doubled-spaced, with TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-point font and 1” margins) and a minimum of 1250 words is required. THREE SOURCES are REQUIRED for this essay, ONE in support of your argument and ONE in opposition to it, and may not include Wikipedia, any dictionary or encyclopedia, or personal websites or blogs. I encourage you to make use of class time, my office hours, and e-mail if you have any questions or difficulties while completing this assignment.  


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