Student s Name Intuitional Affiliation New Program for Children The first source of funding to help September 2023

Student s Name Intuitional Affiliation New Program for Children The first source of funding to help 2023


Student’s Name

Intuitional Affiliation 

New Program for Children

The first source of funding to help in financing the rural domestic violence agency is Local and Federal grant. Given that the government has been at the forefront in fighting or discouraging cases of domestic violence around the country, it would not hesitate to finance a program that aids to help victims of domestic violence. The only thing is to write a proposal for the program and then hand over to the relevant agencies that would scrutinize and evaluate to determine if it is worth getting the aid. Getting government funds often take a long time because the proposal has to go through various procedures and processes, but it usually offers some good money that can effectively kick start the program. 

The second source of fund is a direct solicitation that involves talking to friends and other personalities that may be willing to support the initiative. This source would be appropriate because many people across the world are often touched by the plight of children especially those suffering as a result of domestic violence. For this reason, people would not hesitate to make contributions to assist in kick-starting the progam. Domestic violence is a global problem, and when people realize that a program seeks to help the victims of the vice, they will not hesitate to provide grants of whatever amount. Some of the services that the program aims to offer to the victims include financing their education as well as easing the financial burden on the victims together with their families. 

The third source of the grant is telephone and mail. Other than getting funding from the government and by direct solicitation, the agency will also reach out to people by making calls to different leaders and dignitaries concerning this programs as well as sending a proposal through emails to explain to various personalities about this project. The telephones and mails are meant to persuade those who may be in a position to help to forward their contributions to one pool where the funds are collected. Assignment Help Provider

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