Purpose This assignment is designed for students to understand institutionalized racism how institutionalized racism September 2023

Purpose This assignment is designed for students to understand institutionalized racism how institutionalized racism 2023

Purpose:  This assignment is designed for students to understand institutionalized racism, how institutionalized racism impacts the access to obtain wealth, and how race is a social construct.  

Task: Students will need to:

  1. View the following film:  Race the Power of an Illusion  Make sure to view the episode 3 The House We Live In    Use the following steps to access the film:  
    1. Go to Richland homepage https://www.richlandcollege.edu/pages/default.aspx
    2. In the area Enter in Your Search Term, type in Library 
    3. Click into Library 
    4. Located under Find you will see Library Catalog
    5. Click into Library Catalog
    6. In area Search Anything, type in Race the Power of an Illusion
    7. You will see Race–the power of an illusion; make sure it also indicates online access–click on the online access
    8. Select the 3rd episode (the last film) The House We live In 

If you are not able to access the film through library’s website this is an alternative way to access the film.   Try this link:  

https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library/video/race-power-illusion-house-we-live You may have to sign in–use this sign in information  email:  [email protected]     password: Devoe87!

2.  Respond to the following questions:

  1. Why do you think this episode was titled “The House We Live In?” 
  2. Why is homeownership so important? For example, how does homeownership contribute to wealth for a family? 
  3. Explain what it means to say that race is socially constructed.  Make sure to explain the term social construction.  
  4. Using examples from the film illustrate how racism is institutionalized (systemic not individualized). 
  5. Explain why White Ethnics were not considered White?  And explain how White Ethnics became White. 
  6. Explain some issues with the color blindness ideology—as indicated in the film.  
  7. Apply your sociological imagination to this film in understanding racism. 
  8. Illustrate how this film connects to the course material on the Chapter about Race and Ethnicity.  Your response needs to include relevant sociological concepts from chapter on Race and Ethnicity, relevant specific examples from the film (see example above), and clear explanation of the connections.  Please make sure to bold the sociological concepts you use from the chapter.   
  9. Choose one thing from this film that was something new you learned and explain why this stood out to you.   (Please do not say, you did not learn anything new.  I have watched this film many times and I always see something or understand something differently than from the first time I watched this film.)

Criteria for Success:  Students will need to:

  • Respond to all questions in complete sentences
  • Number each response (you do not need to re-write the question)


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