paper Topic will be COUNSELING THEORIES The final project is to develop a Counseling course you would like to September 2023

paper Topic will be COUNSELING THEORIES The final project is to develop a Counseling course you would like to 2023

paper Topic will be COUNSELING THEORIES

The final project is to develop a Counseling course you would like to teach to counselors in training.  This may be an existing course, or a new course.  You should include a complete syllabus, including all the necessary elements (e.g. text or other reading materials; methods of instruction; evaluation and grade assignment; specific assignments, due dates, and exams; academic honesty statement; course schedule) using the Waynesburg University format. You can use the standard wording for sections that are University-associated (academic honesty, disabilities, etc.) 

Along with the syllabus, submit a paper that explains the following: 

• topic of the course, with an explanation of the purpose for designing this course• what you hope students will learn in the course• at least 4 specific CACREP standards that will be addressed in the course. These should be clearly tied to your course content and methods. • methods of teaching you will use, including lecture, discussion, other kinds of activities–be specific. You do not need to have these specified for each week, but you do need to detail methods you will use within the course, and say why you will use these.• how students will be assessed; give specific assignments that are graded, along with any other assessments you include. Remember that assessments must be tied to course objectives and CACREP standards• literature you will include, and why–textbook or othersbooks; articles; websites; videos; other media.  Be specific.• ethical and multicultural issues that need to be considered, and how you will do so• your own personal teaching philosophy and ideas about how students learn. Do not simply paste your previous philosophy statement into the paper; provide a summary of the important points. 

This must be a new course; you may not use an existing course syllabus for this project (but it can be a revision of a course that is currently taught).   The paper should be 7-10 pages, not counting the syllabus, title page, or references.  Use complete APA style for the project (title page; margins, spacing, etc.) Fo Assignment Help Provider

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