Do you agree that we face an environmental crisis If not reread Gottlieb s description of eight areas of September 2023

Do you agree that we face an environmental crisis If not reread Gottlieb s description of eight areas of 2023


   Do you agree that we face an environmental crisis? If not, reread Gottlieb’s   description of “eight areas of acute concern” on p. 6-9 of This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature,   Environment and explain why you do not   believe these areas constitute a crisis. If, on the other hand, you agree   that there is a crisis, explain what philosophical/religious ideas, in your   opinion, have led to this crisis. We read at least four theories: Western   civilization (see the article by White), Christianity (see Peterson),   Patriarchy (see Ruether), and the Enlightenment (see Weiming).  Which of   the problematic ideas, if any, do you believe is the most fundamental root of   the problem?  Why? Defend your claims by citing specific passages in the   assigned texts.

  Review your classmates’ posts. As you examine the topics that your classmates   present, try to add to their arguments or point out things that they may have   overlooked. If they present an explanation of the root causes that differs   from your own, attempt to critique their view or harmonize your own view with   their view. Utilize the articles from the readings in Week Two to make your   arguments stronger and to supplement the claims that you make. Remember that   all opinions should be backed with as much logical reasoning and factual   evidence as one can gather.

  Attend discussion on at least four separate days, and post a total of 800   words. There is no required word count for individual posts as long as all   your posts together total 800 words. Nor is there a minimum number of posts,   but you must post on at least four separate days by Day 7.

  Carefully review the Grading Rubric   for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your discussion. Assignment Help Provider

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