https youtu be WLMJHdySgE8 Video Chat Is spanking a good way to discipline children Or is it abusive Support September 2023

https youtu be WLMJHdySgE8 Video Chat Is spanking a good way to discipline children Or is it abusive Support 2023

 Video Chat:  Is spanking a good way to discipline children?  Or is it abusive?  Support your views with cited references. 


. Video Chat Posts.  There are many opportunities to respond to questions posed for the Video Chat assignments. Prompts can be found in the Weekly Modules.  Each post is worth up to 10 points.  Posts should be written at a college level of sophistication with correct grammar and spelling.  I am looking for responses that are analytical and include sociological terminology. No opinions, please.  Use of references is expected.  Type your response in the “reply” space.  —————————————————————————————————

2-  Your textbook talks about “the hidden curriculum.”  Think about your own education and experiences in K-12.  Identify at least 3 elements of a hidden curriculum in the schools you went to.  Discuss how these affected you. 


Let’s Try It. These exercises ask students to apply sociological concepts to various topics or scenarios.  Cited references are not required for these assignments, but still recommended.  Proper English composition is expected.  10 points.——————————————————————————————————————-

3-  Is marriage obsolete?  Why or why not?  Support your response with cited references. 

 Discussion Questions are designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills.  There is no one correct response to any of these questions.  But, there are many incorrect responses.  I am NOTlooking for your opinion.  Make your case, or argument, or whatever the DQ calls for, in a logical and scholarly way.  Develop critical analysis rather than descriptions.  I want you to support your statements with text book references and outside sources when applicable Assignment Help Provider

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