Week 10 6215C I have uploaded SAMHSA 2014 Assignment Applying Trauma Informed Principles to a Social Work Practice Setting With Children September 2023

Week 10 6215C I have uploaded SAMHSA 2014 Assignment Applying Trauma Informed Principles to a Social Work Practice Setting With Children 2023

Week 10 6215C   

I have uploaded SAMHSA 2014 


Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to a Social Work Practice Setting With Children and Families

Please not that this is an MSW course. Please check Grammar and use some of the resources I have provided 

In Week 4, you explored the concept of trauma-informed services through six principles and 10 implementation domains (SAMHSA, 2014). Now, choose a setting in which you have worked providing social work services (e.g., current/previous field placement, employer, etc.) and explore the principles and implementation domains of trauma-informed services in the setting you have chosen. The Division of Family and children services. 300 Georgia Ave #100, Monroe, GA 30655 Case Manager

Child Protective Services Investigator 

· Investigated allegations of child abuse or neglect preceding the necessary steps to protect children

· collaborates with law enforcement when children are physically removed from caretakers when the child is found by the courts to be at risk in the home

· Identified threats to a child’s well-being and develop safety plans whenever a child’s safety is at imminent risk

· Provided testimonies in court and prepared comprehensive reports of investigative findings that supported recommendations to the court

· Interviewed pertinent people in cases, including family members, medical care providers, and others familiar with the family situation

· Documenting all information recorded timely in accordance with HIPAA standards, genogram, and ROI

· Knowledge sets include abuse, Child, infant, neglect, testified, violence.

 a 5- to 7-page paper in which you address the following four areas:

• Describe the agency setting. Is it public or private, non-profit or for-profit? Is the agency’s primary goal to serve trauma survivors? Approximately what percentage of clients would be defined as trauma survivors?

• Explain each of the 10 implementation domains in detail and discuss if/how well the setting applies each of the 6 principles. You may want to present this in table format with a brief narrative.

• What are your ideas for improving the principles that are not well implemented? Be specific about organizational, environmental, programmatic, and/or administrative changes that would need to be made.

• Address the barriers to creating trauma-informed services in this setting.

The paper should be presented in a clear and coherent manner and reflect critical thinking and a clear understanding of trauma-informed services. It should adhere to APA guidelines.


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