PLEASE LIST EACH QUESTION WITH ANSWERS chapter 11 Why did Kant think it necessary to posit September 2023

PLEASE LIST EACH QUESTION WITH ANSWERS chapter 11 Why did Kant think it necessary to posit 2023


chapter 11:

Why did Kant think it necessary to posit the existence of the noumenal world?

How does Kant answer Hume’s bundle theory of the self? Do you think he is successful?

Describe the moral dimension as Kant understood it.

 For Kant, how does willing X differ from wanting X, and why is this distinction important?

What is a maxim? What makes a maxim moral in Kantian terms?

chapter 12:

What is “the Malthusian Universe”?

What roles does psychological egoism play in Bentham’s simple utilitarianism?

How did Bentham include animals in the moral domain? Why or why not?

What was Mill’s crisis? How did it affect his subsequent philosophizing?

How does Mill account for the predominance of lower pleasures? Do you agree? Why? Assignment Help Provider

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