In our textbook Section 11 3 there is a discussion about who votes The first table 11 1 talks about September 2023

In our textbook Section 11 3 there is a discussion about who votes The first table 11 1 talks about 2023

In our textbook Section 11.3 there is a discussion about who votes. The first table (11.1) talks about who votes for President and the second table (11.2) talks about who votes by party (the two main parties Democrat and Republican). Review these two and then look at the election that took place recently (November 5, 2019) in Kentucky. Using what you learn in the text and what you learn from your outside research can you establish a profile of who voted in that election?

Year after year, Americans show consistent voting patterns. From Table 11.1, you can see how the percentage of people who vote increases with age. This table also shows how significant race–ethnicity is. Although non-Hispanic whites are more likely to vote than are African Americans, when Barack Obama ran for president, African Americans voted at higher rates than whites. You can also see that both whites and African Americans are much more likely to vote than are Latinos and Asian Americans.


Look at education on Table 11.1. Notice how voting increases with each level of education. Education is so significant that college graduates are more than twice as likely to vote as are high school dropouts. You can also see how much more likely the employed are to vote. And look at how powerful income is in determining voting. At each higher income level, people are more likely to vote. Finally, note that women are more likely than men to vote .Table 11.1, you can see that many highly educated people with good incomes also stay away from the polls. They are not alienated, but many do not vote becauseor indifference. Their view is that “next year will just bring more of the same, regardless of who is in office.” A common attitude of those who are apathetic is “What difference will my one vote make when there are millions of voters?” Many also see little difference between the two major political parties. Only about half of the nation’s eligible voters cast ballots in presidential elections (Statistical Abstract 2017:Table 431).

Table 11.2, men are more Description

As you saw in Table 11.1, voting patterns reflect life experiences, especially people’s economic conditions. On average, women earn less than men, and African Americans earn less than whites. As a result, at this point in history, women and African Americans tend to look more favorably on government programs that redistribute income, and they are more likely to vote for Democrats. As you can see in this table, Asian American voters, with their higher average incomes, are an exception to this pattern. Attempted explanations are far from satisfactory (Logan et al. 2012), but the reason could be a lesser emphasis on individualism in the Asian American subculture.

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