The final research paper Please follow all of these instructions carefully 1 When choosing your topic it is September 2023

The final research paper Please follow all of these instructions carefully 1 When choosing your topic it is 2023

The final research paper

Please follow all of these instructions carefully.

1. When choosing your topic, it is very important that you “narrow down” as much as possible. For example, topics like “Discrimination against African Americans,” “Women and Work,” are just too broad and general, and your paper will be very superficial consequently. Let’s look at some examples of narrowed down topics: “Family Life among Female-Headed Households,” “Why do People Twitter?” “Stereotypes and Segregation: Neighborhoods in the Syracuse, NY Area,” “Hate Speech over the Net,” “Affirmative Action on Fire: the Case of University of Michigan Medical School,” “The Jena Six: A Southern Problem?”  You can clearly see the differences.

2. For your paper, you are to use a minimum of 5 academic references relevant to your chosen topic. You may use books, journals, or any other materials you feel relevant to your topic. No matter what sources you use, academic articles are always preferred to non-academic sources. It is also important that you avoid using inappropriate materials such as any politically motivated articles. When using Internet resources, you must be extra careful as it provides both information and disinformation.  It is also required to use the ASA (American Sociological Association) Style.  Refer to the guideline shown in this folder.

3. The minimum length of your paper is about 1,500 words including your reference list. Longer papers are welcome, but shorter papers are not. However, bear in mind that longer papers are not necessarily superior to shorter ones. What I am looking for is its quality, not quantity.

4. The content of your paper must be well organized and you must provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your chosen topic. My suggestion? Always think before you write.

The topic is about Police brutality during COVID 19 pandemic.

Citation page needs to be in ASA format. I also needs to be in times new roman 12pt font. The attachments below are examples on how he wants the paper written. Assignment Help Provider

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