Please respond to both students separatel I repeat separately 125 words minimum each jaime When September 2023

Please respond to both students separatel I repeat separately 125 words minimum each jaime When 2023

Please respond to both students separatel. I repeat separately!!!!

125 words minimum each


When it comes to contraception, and the rates of pregnancy, I have always wondered if the failure rate of certain birth controls has more to do with a user error or with the actual product. This week we learned about “perfect use” and “typical use” with contraceptives. These two terms apply to everything from condoms to actual hormonal or non hormonal birth control types. Basically the perfect and typical use terms refer to the addition of human error. Perfect use is under monitored conditions where the product is used 100% as prescribed. Typical adds in the fact that humans don’t always use things perfectly the way that their prescribed. “The typical (real world) pregnancy rate for condoms, after one year, is 18 percent — nine times higher than the perfect-use pregnancy rate of 2 percent (Hamlin, 2014).” 

Factors that can effect the perfect use rate are forgetfulness, like forgetting to take a daily pill. The influence of drugs and alcohol can also be a huge factor, as the inebriation can cause you to care less about using contraceptives or to forget all together. Getting caught up in the moment, or spontaneity, if you don’t have contraceptives can also cause you to make irrational decisions. There are many things that can cause this human error that makes the failure rates of birth control go up. The only sure method is of course abstinence, but if you don’t want to tamp down your human needs and urges, there are forms of contraceptives that have the same effectiveness all the time and not only in a controlled environment. The implant, and the intrauterine device are two of the most effective forms of contraception on the market. “They’re the most effective contraception on the planet – aside from sterilization or avoiding sex altogether (Gorvett, 2018).” The draw back to these forms is that every female’s body reacts to it differently, and some can have painful or inconvenient side effects. I’ve also heard horror stories about IUD’s shifting out of place and having to be surgically removed. They also don’t prevent STD’s. Every woman has to weigh their options and figure out whats best for her, and what she can get away with, with the least amount of human error. 

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That commercial was very different to say the least. It got the point across though, which is all that matters. The difference between typical use and perfect use isn’t as different as I thought it would be. Typical use of a contraceptive is pretty much use with error. When I mean error, I mean that we as humans sometimes skip steps when using contraceptive products, or even forget to use them at all. For example, there are some uneducated males out in the world who do not know how to put on a condom properly, even though there are pretty descriptive picture models that show step by step instructions on how to apply the condom. But we all make mistakes as humans. Perfect use when using contraceptive products, would be defined as use with out skipping any steps and used without any mistakes. For example, women who take birth control pills usually keep a schedule on when they took the pill, as well as when they need to take their next pill. I feel as though typical use when it comes to contraceptives is very irresponsible. Each contraceptive comes with directions on proper use for a reason. Why take or use the contraceptive if you’re defeating it’s purpose by not using it correctly? Like I said earlier in this post, people make mistakes, but people can also prevent those kinds of mistakes by either keeping a schedule or by reading the directions for proper use everytime the product needs to be used. Assignment Help Provider

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