Answer or comment to each in at least 75 words No references 1 Considering reasons to conduct a September 2023

Answer or comment to each in at least 75 words No references 1 Considering reasons to conduct a 2023


Answer or comment to each  in at least 75 words.  No references

1. Considering reasons to conduct a research proposal, organizations interested in action research could find such an exercise useful. Action research traces its roots to the work of Lewin, who summed up his view by proposing there can be “no action without research and no research without action” (Adelman, 1993, pg. 8). 

This research can take a wide range of forms, and can include members from a diverse group of disciplines. Often times, a group may be formed to address a particular local issue, which may develop into a larger and more long-term organization and/or project. The inherent goal of creating meaningful change is the driving force behind such research.

To provide an example of how a Christian worldview can impact a project, I would refer to the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio (IACO) and some of their projects over the past 20 years that I have been involved with them. In the aftermath of 9/11, there was a noticeable increase in the number of incidents of violence or harassment of students thought to be Muslim on campuses of colleges and universities in central Ohio. Father McKiernan of the Newman Center, Pastor Hill of the campus Lutheran church, and me collaborated with the Interfaith Association to address this problem through a series of events to increase understanding, friendship, and trust. From this initial local issue, longer-term social justice projects were developed and continue to this day.

2.  After doing so many forms of my research question throughout the course, I find that choosing the best research question and the method are going to be most challenging with my research proposal.  Have you ever written a research proposal before?  If so, what were some of your challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

3. I can be persuasive in person, but not very confident that I will do well academically.  I know with practice I will master it, but for this being the first go at it, I am nervous.  I have found it academically challenging in the past to convince peers that what I think is important should be important to them to.  One of my major challenges is being confident in my research question.  In knowing that our research question is a part of the research proposal, has your current research question differed from your original question from week 1?  If so how do you know which one is the best for this proposal?

4. Another purpose of writing a research proposal, other than for funding, could be for organizational committee. In certain agencies you have to show the research proposal before they will allow you to begin. When it comes to research, especially for corporations or agencies, they need to know what the question is and how you plan on getting the answer, along with a time line. 

5. Writing a research proposal is a great way to get funding for your research but there are other reasons why you should construct a proposal.  Another reason to write a research proposal is to get feedback from others about your intended hypothesis and research.  With qualified people giving feedback it can help determine weaknesses and strengths in the intended research and allow the researcher to make changes.  I also believe that a research proposal helps the researcher breakdown their intensions in the research they want to do.  Doing a research proposal and allowing feedback, positive and negative, will give the researcher the opportunity to better the research plan to get the results possible.

6. I have never written a research proposal before.  In the past when I have been a part of any type of research I have always been a small part of the bigger picture.  While doing our last assignment I am seeing that I may have pick a research question that isn’t in depth enough but I am working on it.  I feel like looking at research proposals that are on the same lines as mine would help me tremendously with figuring out where I am going wrong and where I on the right path. Assignment Help Provider

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