Answer In at least 75 words No citing sources needed 1 When September 2023

Answer In at least 75 words No citing sources needed 1 When 2023



Answer In at least 75 words

No citing sources needed

1. When we discuss compatibility of existing statistics, we are looking for data that have similar characteristics such as the following:

  • Same or similar time frame      (i.e., data collected in the same year)
  • Data collected for same      geographic location (i.e., Phoenix, Arizona, the United States)
  • Unit of analysis is similar      (i.e., city, county, state)

For example, if your focus is on the relationship between depression and financial stressors, and you had sources from 2008 and 2016, you would have to be very careful in drawing conclusions even if the variables (questions asked) were exactly the same. In 2008, the U.S. was in the midst of a housing and economic crisis, where millions upon millions of families were losing their homes; by 2016, the economy and housing markets had largely recovered. What likely effect would each of those situations have upon prevalence of depression?

2. The Journal of Affective Disorders is an academic journal related to my profession. Through a library search, I found an article on suicide exposures and bereavement (Feigelman, Cerel, McIntosh, Brent, & Gutin, 2018). To explore this topic, the authors utilized data from the 2016 General Social Survey (National Opinion Research Center, 2017). The research question for this study sought to determine if “suicide exposed, bereaved and multi-bereaved persons would all be more likely to have more mental health problems, compared to non-exposed and non-bereaved individuals” (Feigelman et al., 2018). The researchers identified 11 survey questions from the 2016 GSS that were utilized in their analysis.

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3. When comparing and contrasting data from previous existing statistic should everything be consider and why?

4. When looking at compatibility and existing statistical research you have to make sure that for one your research is answering your hypothesis in the correct way.  The existing research that you are using need to be in compatible in the sense that it all leads you to the obtaining the information needed.  Just like with reliability and viability of the research you are using your research needs to be comparable to each other.  You research has to match each other in certain ways, the time frame the studies were done, number of participants, and the credibility of the sources are just of a few things that need to be comparable in the research that you are using to conduct your own research.  The end goal of a researcher that is using quantitative research is to answer your hypothesis in the most scientific way possible and with existing statistical research your information you are using to answer your hypothesis has to be reliable, viable, and compatible. “You must pay careful attention to try to find the very best source of statistics for your research question and the hypotheses you want to test, and if you cannot find good measures for your variables, then you should consider changing your hypothesis, or possibly even using a different research method (Gordon, 2016).” 

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5. Compatibility is important in existing statistics because it makes sure that each set of statistics are compatible or similar. The textbook points out that when looking to connect two variables, the statistics need to be done in the same year, same location, and on the same level (Gordon, 2016, p. 163). This is important because in order to connect the dots between two variables, the statistics need to be alike, compatible with each other. This allows for the researcher to make sure their results are correct. If one tries to find a relationship between human trafficking and crime rates, one would need to make sure the statistics were conducted on the same level, in the same area, and in the same way. This allows for the researcher to come up with results that were from statistics that had similar connections: year, place, and level. If one tried to find results on human trafficking and crime rates in the same year but different locations, then the results would be wrong. The textbook also points out that when looking at statistics, just because it was done in the place, it does not mean they were conducted in the same way (Gordon, 2016, p.164 ). Compatibility is very important in existing statistics.

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6. Compatibility is important when it comes to choosing different resources for existing statistics research.  In order to get the most accurate results, the resources must be from the same time frame, the same geographical area, and on the same level.  For example, the resources that are collected for the school-to-prison pipeline research statistics are compatible.  Studies were conducted in schools in Assignment Help Provider

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