Johnson Family Episode 1 Johnson Family Episode 1 Program Transcript ERIC Ladies what s September 2023

Johnson Family Episode 1 Johnson Family Episode 1 Program Transcript ERIC Ladies what s 2023


Johnson Family Episode 1 


Family Episode 1

Program Transcript 

ERIC: Ladies, what’s going on?


ERIC: I’m Eric.

TALIA: Talia

SHERRY: Sherry.

ERIC: Excellent. So I know some good-looking guys looking for some good-

looking girls.

SHERRY: You do, huh?

ERIC: We’re throwing a party Saturday night, and invitation only. I want you guys 

to come. Lots of booze. You like to dance?

TALIA: I love to dance.

ERIC: Me too. You should dance with me. You better come.

TALIA: All right.

ERIC: Both of you.

SHERRY: Thanks.

ERIC: I’ll see you then? All right, see you later.



TALIA: He’s hot.

SHERRY: You think?

TALIA: Oh, yeah. You gonna go? 

SHERRY: Well, yeah, if you’re going to go.

TALIA: Yeah, I’m definitely gonna go.


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Johnson Family Episode 1 

SHERRY: OK, then we’re going.

TALIA: OK, it’s settled.


ERIC: Hey, there. How you feeling?

I’m drunk.

ERIC: Yes, you are. Here, have some more.

TALIA: I need to lay down. I don’t feel so good.

ERIC: Oh, no. No, no, no. Not here.

TALIA: Take me home.

ERIC: It’s my frat party. I actually– I’ll tell you what. I’ll take you upstairs. You can

use my bed, OK?

TALIA: Sure.

ERIC: All right. Come on, Talia. I got you.

SHERRY: Talia. Hey, are you OK?

TALIA: I’m fine.

SHERRY: You sure? Do you want to go with him?

ERIC: It’s fine. She likes me. Don’t you?

TALIA: Uh-huh. 

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