Week 4 Assignment Agriculture Presentation Create an 8 to 10 slide presentation about agriculture in the context of the September 2023

Week 4 Assignment Agriculture Presentation Create an 8 to 10 slide presentation about agriculture in the context of the 2023


Week 4 Assignment – Agriculture Presentation

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation about agriculture in the context of the global food system. 

Select one of the following topics on which to base your presentation:

  • The Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Debate
  • Organic or Sustainable Food Production
  • Urban Agriculture 
  • Livestock Ranching
  • Rice Farming
  • Food Deserts  
  • Farm to Table Trends

Present the following information in your slides: 

A brief overview of this topic

  • Which world regions or cultures affected by this topic,      including a description of the region’s landscape or culture 
  • Agricultural challenges and opportunities of this      topic 
  • Controversies surrounding this topic 
  • Which populations and cultures have been influenced by      this topic, and how. 
  • How globalization has influenced or could potentially      influence this topic. 

Include only your main points on each slide (approximately 3–5 bulleted phrases). 

Write approximately 25–50 words of speaker notes under each slide to provide details you would discuss if presenting in person. 

Incorporate at least 4 terms or concepts from the course materials (textbook and videos) in your presentation. 

Support your ideas with a minimum of one culture database (such as CultureGrams™) or one article from the University Library. Use in-text citations and a references slide.

Format your presentation according to West Writing Style Handbook guidelines. 


Assignment   Element


Possible Points

Points Received


The slides identify which world regions or cultures are affected by   this topic, including a description of the region’s landscape or culture.



The PowerPoint   describes the agricultural challenges   and opportunities for solutions created by the student’s selected topic.



The PowerPoint   describes the overall controversies   surrounding the topic.



The PowerPoint   identifies which populations and   cultures have been impacted by the topic and how they have been affected,



The PowerPoint   explores how globalization has   influenced or potentially could influence this issue.



The assignment   includes evidence of research from the   West Library and includes proper citations on the slides (within the   Speaker Notes) and on a reference slide(s) at the end.



The paper is   formatted according to guidelines in the West Writing Style Handbook and is generally error-free in spelling,   grammar, punctuation, and appropriate word usage. 






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