Lab 8 Assessment Essay As a result of the finds new questions September 2023

Lab 8 Assessment Essay As a result of the finds new questions 2023


Lab 8/ Assessment Essay. 

As a result of the finds, new questions have been raised in paleoanthropology about the origins of our genus, how and where it evolved, what branches spun off and survived, and which became extinct, and so on. The following link presents some of the story, as it appears in National Geographic, the major funding organization supporting the work: The title of this article is “This Face Changes The Human Story, But How?” A shorter, related article may be helpful in understanding more about the nature of this discovery and what the concerns may be. It appears in the same reference page on google: “New Ancestory Elicits Awe – and Many Questions.” 

Please read the article carefully. It has some wonderful photos and diagrams. When finished, you will write an essay. 

This assignment is designed to develop critical thinking, written and visual communication, and use of empirical and quantitative evidence.  

This assignment will require students to analyze and interpret a primary or secondary document that includes quantitative data (e.g. graphs or other visual illustrations) using anthropological terminology in an essay format.  The following writing assignment is meant to help you use the concepts you have learned in this class to explore and analyze an important current issue in paleoanthropology.  As you write your paper, focus your attention on how you, as a critical reader, can respond to this current issue using the skills we have learned: comparison, classification and reaching conclusions based on empirical observation and reasoning.   

After reading the assigned article, you will write an essay, 250 words minimum.  The minimum requirements for this assignment are to: 

1. Draw three main conclusions from the article;

2. Describe at least two possible problems raised by the Homo naledi for our current understanding of human evolution and the different explanations or interpretations offered by different scientists.   Be sure to cite specific evidence from the article supporting these different interpretations;

3. Identify and describe three important examples of quantitative data presented in the article and explain how they are used. 

4. Select at least two of the types of quantitative data offered and discuss whether/how these data support or negate Berger’s claims  and/or those of his critics. 

5. Based on your discussion of points 1-4, conclude with a discussion of the following:

a. The possible significance of this discovery for future research and our understanding of human evolution.

b. What are your own conclusions regarding the Rising Star finds and Berger’s claims?  

You are encouraged to support your argument with direct textual evidence and your anthropological insights (applicable terms and concepts learned over your semester of study) Assignment Help Provider

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