Project Final Project Writing the Grant Part 3 Budget Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan for September 2023

Project Final Project Writing the Grant Part 3 Budget Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan for 2023


Project: Final Project: Writing the Grant Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan for a Non-Government Organization to help single mother take care of their family with the help of public assistance

For this Assignment:

  • Review the Final Project Guidelines provided in this      week’s Learning Resources. 
  • Carefully review pages 15–19 and page 26 of the course      text as well as other Learning Resources focused on project budgets. You      also may find additional online information from reputable grant-related      organizations such as Foundation Center and individual private funders. 
  • With consideration to feedback in this week’s      Discussion that you received from colleagues and your Instructor, and to      your continued evaluation of the literature and funder guidelines,      finalize your project Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan.

Assignment (3 page paper)


Create a two-column table. 

Column 1 lists the line items of expected project expenses (for example, specific equipment, facilities, and personnel). 

Column 2 lists the projected dollar amount requested  for that line item. 

Note: Rationale for costs will be provided in the budget narrative.

· 2 Classrooms 

· 20 Desks

· 20 Chairs

· 1 Computer Lab

· 6 Computers

· 2 Children Rooms

· 20 Cases of Printer Papers

· 2 Black Boards

· 2 Printers

· 1 Director

· 1 Manager

· 2 Job Readiness Teachers

· 1 Certified Daycare Worker

· 1 Book Keeper

· 1 Counselor

Budget Narrative 

The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the  budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived  at the projected dollar amounts. For example: If hiring a consultant for $2,000 is a line item, the narrative might explain that this is based on  40 hours @ $50/hour. 

Sustainability Plan 

The Sustainability Plan explains how your agency plans  to continue operating this program once the funding has run out.

It also indicates where future funding and other resources might be obtained. 

Note: All relevant cost issues from the budget are addressed in the sustainability plan.

Required Readings

Ward, D. (2012). Writing grant proposals that win (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

· Chapter 1, “The Conceptual Framework” (pp. 1–19) 

· Chapter 2, “Other Important Features” (pp. 21–26)

· Appendix D, “Sample Budget Forms and Narratives” (p. 209)

Grant Central Station. (n.d.). Writing a budget narrative. Retrieved September 29, 2016, from

Grants Northwest. (n.d.-c). Using the budget to tell your story. Retrieved September 29, 2016, from

Hansen, M. (2014, January 29). The five key elements of an effective sustainability plan for grants [Blog post]. The Grant Retrieved from Assignment Help Provider

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