Ashford 5 Week 4 Journal Life Stressors Journal IStress is a response by the body from demands placed September 2023

Ashford 5 Week 4 Journal Life Stressors Journal IStress is a response by the body from demands placed 2023


Ashford 5: – Week 4 – Journal


Life Stressors Journal

IStress is a response by the body from demands placed on it and is incorporated into our lifestyle.  Stressors come in two forms: eustress, known as good stress, and distress, known as bad stress.  Both types of stress can result in a stress response. “In fact, 33% of college students reported that stress negatively affected their academic performance and resulted in a lower grade, dropped classes, or an incomplete”  (Anspaugh, Hamrick, & Rosato, 2011, p. 312). In this journal entry, you will assess the amount of stress in your life and examine its effects on your health and wellness by completing the following tasks:

  1. Take the Assessment Activity 9-1: Life Stressors on      page 327 in your course textbook. 
  2. Tabulate your results and write them down along with a      brief assessment of your results to be used in your video journal. 
  3. Select one of the relaxation techniques that are listed      in Chapter 9 of your text and practice the method. 

 In your video journal, address the following topics:

  • Were you surprised with your Life Stressors      score?  Why or why not? 
  • What major stressors are impacting your wellness? 
  • Which dimensions of wellness are impacted by stress? 
  • Describe and demonstrate the relaxation technique that      you tried in your video journal. 
  • Do you think the relaxation technique you tried would      be effective in reducing your stress level if practiced on a regular      basis?  Why or why not? 
  • What are the major health risks and diseases associated      with distress? 
  • What two strategies that effectively deal with distress      would you consider using on a weekly basis? 

 Your journal should be two to five minutes in duration.  Review the YouTube Webcam Quick-Start Guide on how to create a YouTube account and create a YouTube video journal.  Submit a one-page Word document that contains the URL to your YouTube video journal by Day 3. Assignment Help Provider

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