Engage in a principled negotiation with someone who is not a member of the class September 2023

Engage in a principled negotiation with someone who is not a member of the class 2023

Engage in a principled negotiation with someone who is not a member of the class.    Use the principles and techniques of principled negotiation as outlined in Getting to Yes including:  •Separating the People from the Problem •Focusing on Interests, not Positions •Generating a Variety of Options for Mutual Gain •Insisting on the use of Objective Criteria •Prior to negotiation, create and identify a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) in the case you cannot get what you want in negotiation.    For this assignment, students will give a basic outline to the negotiation; i.e.; who you are negotiating with, why you are negotiating, and the context of the negotiation.  Following this, students should describe the positions (if any) taken by the parties and the underlying interests of all parties involved.     Students should describe specifically how they a) separate the people from the problem; b) shift the debate from positions to interests; c) generate a variety of options for mutual gain and; d) which objective criteria they used and how they were agreed upon by the various parties.  The paper should also identify the BATNA and perhaps WATNA (if applicable).  The paper should conclude with a description of the outcome of the negotiation as well as levels of accomplishment and/or satisfaction with the outcome.  If the negotiation did not work out, what could work better in the future?    Submissions should be typewritten — word processed — and between 4 to 5 pages double spaced with 12 point font.  Papers will not be graded on grammar or spelling, but clarity and attention to these details would be most helpful.


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