I think it would be unethical to not strive towards a greater understanding about one s September 2023

I think it would be unethical to not strive towards a greater understanding about one s 2023


I think it would be unethical to not strive towards a greater understanding about one’s own limitations when it comes to the flaws in one’s character and one’s own vulnerabilities. We cannot understand our limitations or how to break through them if we do not continue to seek wisdom. According to Vernon (2010), “It does not require individuals to be knowledgeable; rather they must have a passion for wisdom” (p. 256). If we shut out or dismiss the value of friendships or fail to be open to learning the different ethics involved in friendship then we truly do a disservice to ourselves and others in seeking friendships built on anything more than convenience. Vernon (2010) goes further by stating, “the most promising candidates for friendship will show themselves to be honest, particularly when it comes to their self-awareness” (p. 256). I personally place value on learning my own limitations, flaws, and vulnerabilities. I do not necessarily consider it to be an obligation of a friend or even myself, however I do understand that it will hinder any opportunity for a deeper friendship between two individuals.

For any friendship to form there will always be uncertainty, I believe that life in itself is riddled in uncertainty. My own understanding of the ability to live life without certainty, but with an expectant open-heartiness in terms of friendship is mainly based on my own experiences. I believe it’s about being open to the opportunities that present themselves, to be aware that friendships can form in many different facets, in the workplace, at the store, and on the internet. Its only when you are open to these opportunity and you go into these friendships with the best of intentions, are genuine and virtuous and trust that the other individual also shares these qualities can you really be open to the uncertainty and open-heartiness which can result in true friendship. Vernon (2010) closes by stating, “To truly befriend others is to stare life’s uncertainties, limits and ambiguities in the face. To seek friendship is to seek wisdom” (p. 256).


Vernon, Mark. The Meaning of Friendship (p. 256). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Kindle Edition.


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