Reply to response what is said 1 Luis 6 My family structure is very simple with my September 2023

Reply to response what is said 1 Luis 6 My family structure is very simple with my 2023

Reply to response what is said:

1. (Luis 6):   My family structure is very simple with my older brothers and my mother. The fault lies with my 15 your old brother.  My brothers and I are close in age and have lots of similar interests. Our interactions are always fun and full of warmth, it was a blessing growing up together.  Unfortunately, with my younger brother, we have zero similar interests and could very difficult talking to him. I understand the age difference is a huge factor in his relationship with us. He is young and doesn’t really care about working, cleaning, or anything that involves responsibility. I try to explain to him how important these things will be for him but the interest is not there yet. There are both positive and negative consequences in our household. It’s positive because he has made decisions from our examples. Especially with our mother, he knows what makes mom happy or upset from watching us make mistakes. I believe that it will be positive for him, that he can see a situation and try to find the best solution for him later down the road. The negative is that we have no interest or similarities whatsoever and it causes arguments or lack of interest to interact sometimes. As he gets older, he will learn of the value of family and responsibility. I saw a psychiatrist as a kid and later on as a 30-year-old man. The difference was obvious that as an adult I could see the interest of the psychiatrist to try and understand and help me. The reasons why they asked the questions, but as a kid, I could care less and didn’t try to understand what was going on or why I was there. As an adult, we can better understand and differentiate what’s happening around us. 

2. (Luis 6):    I know 2 close friends who are retired and they are both at complete opposite ends. I know them very well and through conversations, we have realized why they are in their positions. My good friend Dace retired in the military and receives his pension, but he decided to continue working for another 20 years and found a great government job that he held on to. Receiving 2 pensions has given him relief and peace of mind on so many things. I have used him as an example and would like to be able to follow in his steps. I write about certain things I want to do in my retirement in my discussions because of him. I have a great friend Phil, who I worked for when he was in the military, great guy to be around but through his reflections, he was able to explain to me that, he didn’t plan well for retirement. He expected his pension from the military to cover all his expenses. He retired with lots of debt, a mortgage, and no investments. He also did not have to save in preparations for his retirement. I have also used him as an example because I have been saving as much as I can and also limiting my urges to overspend on unnecessary things. Dave does not work at all and is comfortable taking traveling trips and has a very quiet relaxed life in his home. Phil, on the other hand, went on to get a regular job after retiring to continue paying off debt, a job that won’t pay him retirement. He has been looking to find a job that can provide a pension with a certain amount of years with that company but it has been limited, it’s been a couple of years. He has made progress but I believe preparation from Dave has allowed him to live the lifestyle he wanted, and I also would like to do the same as he has to enjoy my life a bit more. Assignment Help Provider

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