Inc. requires that all managers undergo gender sensitivity training with the intent of eliminating gender stereotypes in the organization

Greene, Inc. requires that all managers undergo gender sensitivity training with the intent of eliminating gender stereotypes in the organization. This is an example of:

a. equal employment opportunity.
b. sexual harassment.
c. cultural bias.
d. affirmative action.
e. employment-at-will.

affirmative action.

One of the most dangerous performance evaluation errors is __________, which occurs when a rater places an employee into a class or category based on one or a few traits or characteristics.

a. homogeneity
b. the halo effect
c. diversion
d. leniency
e. stereotyping


Gregory Trout has just received a memo explaining that because of his department’s success with the newly developed TemperTool, his request for three new employees has been approved. Gregory now faces the challenge of working with the areas of human resource management in recruiting, selecting, training, and maintaining effective employees.

In recruiting and selecting employees for the new positions, Gregory will apply which human resource management goal?

a. Managing talent
b. Controlling strategies
c. Finding the right people
d. Implementing strategies
e. Maintaining an effective workforce

Maintaining an effective workforce

Which of the following statements about recruiting is true?

a. Internal recruiting generates higher employee commitment than external recruiting.
b. Internal recruiting is less costly than external recruiting but generates lower employee development.
c. External recruiting generates higher employee satisfaction than internal recruiting.
d. Internal recruiting is more costly than external recruiting.
e. External recruiting offers no advantages over internal recruiting.

Internal recruiting generates higher employee commitment than external recruiting.

The hiring of applicants based on criteria that are not job-related is called:

a. employment-at-will.
b. equal employment opportunity.
c. affirmative action.
d. discrimination.
e. reverse discrimination.


__________ is the first step in attracting an effective workforce.

a. Choosing recruiting sources
b. Human resource planning
c. Selecting the candidate
d. Applying the matching model
e. Initiating change

Human resource planning

Which of the following is not appropriate to ask on employee applications and during interviews?

a. If the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime
b. If the applicant has a legal right to work in the United States
c. Prior work experience
d. If the applicant is over 18
e. Race or color of skin

Race or color of skin

While on a job interview at a university, Alyssa was asked to work with a rival applicant to determine 20 ways to identify the best employee for the position. This is an example of a(n) __________ interview.

a. nondirective
b. structured
c. extreme
d. panel
e. biographical


Which of the following questions is okay for an interviewer to ask a job applicant?

a. “What religious holidays do you observe?”
b. “Have you ever been arrested?”
c. “Do you have any physical defects?”
d. “What are your hobbies?”
e. “Are you over 18 years of age?”

“Are you over 18 years of age?”

Which of the following measure an applicant’s thinking abilities?

a. Physical ability tests
b. 360-degree feedback
c. Cognitive ability tests
d. Online checks
e. Personality tests

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