learn probability theory basics, how to use the chi-square test, t-test, correlation, and analysis of variance (ANOVA)

First assignment

For this class, you will learn probability theory basics, how to use the chi-square test, t-test, correlation, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Your journal you work on during the semester will contain your likes, dislikes, and what was easy and what was hard to learn for the following – probability theory, chi-square test, t-test, correlation, and ANOVA. Also, each of these comes up with a current problem in this country in which probability theory, chi-square test, t-test, correlation, and ANOVA. Could help in analyzing the problem and help in finding a solution.

2nd assignments

How would an Alien sense its World? Imagine that we did find intelligent life on another planet. But this planet was very different from the earth. This planet was close to its sun than our world is to our sun. This alien planet was three times larger than our planet, does not rotate, so one side of the earth is always facing the sun. It is an eternal day, and the other side of the world is still facing away from the sun, so it is an endless night. The planet’s size causes the gravity to be three times as strong as it is on earth; therefore, an object weighing 100 pounds on earth would weigh 300 pounds on this alien planet. The side of the land that is eternal day is extremely hot, too hot for life to exist and the side of the planet that is in the endless night is too cold for life to exists, but there is a border between these two sides that is 300 miles wide that is a habitable zone. This habitable zone is in eternal dusk or dawn. There are only ten different species of plants of which seven are edible, and three are highly toxic. If these poisonous plants are consumed, then it is certain death. Unfortunately, these poisonous plants look the same as the edible ones and are hard to distinguish. There are only six different species of land animals. All land species are edible, but one species is a large carnivore that will hunt and eat any land animal, including the intelligent aliens. This large carnivore is a master of camouflage and is very difficult to detect. All of the aquatic animals are edible. Now, as you go through this course dealing with the senses of humans and other animals on our planet, how do you think the senses of these aliens would be in terms of structure, function, and range compared to our senses. After we finish a sense (olfactory, gustatory, body senses, auditory & visual) you need to put in your journal what you think that sense would be like in the intelligent aliens that live on this planet — what would the range of this sense and how would this sense be anatomically designed? This Journal is due April 30th 11:59 PM you have a 1 day grace period (with 10% deduction).

Watch Video Imagine Alien Life | Known Universe Duration: 1:14 User: n/a – Added: 2/27/12 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEq793g8Ivc


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