Planning for the future of healthcare

Planning for the future of healthcare

No leader is destined to manage a given organization forever and therefore there is need for the current leaders to mentors, nurture and develop the next generation of leaders to take over and safeguard the organizational culture and facility goals. Most leaders consider the process of developing succession plans as burdensome, expensive and time consuming as compared to hiring from executives from recruiting services (Gamble, Peteraf & Thompson, 2014). The biggest challenge is that the new executive leaders may lack the specific emotional intelligence, behavioral skills or soft skills required to excel in the healthcare culture.

Recommendations for Effective Leaders

To remain effective in the modern healthcare industry, leaders need to develop and continuously update their skills on technology and external trends driving healthcare provisions. Equally, the governments are continuously developing new or expanding the available regulatory requirements with the healthcare industry therefore; the leaders have to stay informed on the government healthcare regulations (Noe, 2017). The levels of service provision are highly dynamic and as a leader, there is need for being highly adaptive to changing trends in both management and technology. Leaders also need to engage with the rest of the employees continually to allow them to weigh in in critical decision-making and building consensus with the employees. This allow for a combination of democracy into the leadership management style that encourages sharing of perspectives, information, ideas and most importantly promoting open-mindedness and team work engagement.

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