Recruitment Plan

Further, the mitigation of the impact of the departing employees would need to match the skills of all the other organizational employees with the job requirements. In so doing, the organization could develop a list of potential replacements. Besides, it will also enhance the ability of the Human Resource department to identify individuals who can be nurtured and made to fit effectively in the roles of the departing employees (Stringer, 2016). In the presented case, for instance, the department might consider assessing the skills and competencies of the next-most tenured employee in the department. Such assessment, however, should not be limited to the employee’s experience but rather the employee’s ability to handle the roles.

Before the employee leaves the organization, the human resource department should focus on the organization’s influence and whether or not the employee has poisoned the minds and ideas of the other employees (Milton & Lambe, 2016). In some instances, employees might incite and mislead the remaining employees, affecting their perceptions and willingness to effectively undertake their duties and responsibilities (Stringer, 2016). As a mitigating measure, the organization should investigate any possible incitements and act to correct any misinformation that might have been given out by the departing employees (Johnson, 2018). Finally, the organization must ensure that the employees clearly hand in all the organizational equipment, machines, documents, and resources in their possession. For instance, the employees should be able to hand in laptops and departmental records in the best possible condition for a smooth transition.

Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan of an organization defines its possible performance. The process should be based on merit in terms of skills, qualifications, and abilities. It should also focus on initial job requirements and the environment (Milton & Lambe, 2016). At the recruitment stage, the Human Resource department should consider the organization of the skills identified in the first section, especially those critical for the departing employees’ productivity. Secondly, the organization should consider the availability of any desired skills in the existing employees (Johnson, 2018). Where the skills are available, internal recruitment would help the organization save time and limit the impacts of the departure. Alternatively, where potential candidates within the organization are missing out on a few skills or competencies, the organization might need to consider training the current employee to fill the position. Depending on the outcome of the initial considerations, the employees might decide on putting up an internal or external advertisement, with the best candidate assuming the roles.

Pre-boarding checklist and an onboarding plan

Pre-boarding Checklist

The pre-boarding checklist has three primary stages: Communication with the employee on their appointments, contract commencement dates, first-day activities and expectations, and the contact person; Communication with the existing employees on the arrival of a new employee, including his position, department, arrival date, and a bit of background information and; the preparation of the new employee’s office and work equipment. Assignment Help Provider

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