Social Work- American Literature Professional Writing

 Social Work- American Literature

· Professional writing, APA formatting, four scholarly sources within 5 the past five years of publication, intext citation, three double-spaced pages, times New Roman font, 12 point.

Assignment Instructions- some of the bullet points have the answers which needs expansion

· Review and Appraise Your Experience

· Think about your major responsibilities in the practicum. Major Responsibilities-Gropus

. What did you do well during the practicum? Share your proudest accomplishment. I was able to help a client navigate the system to obtain his birth certificate after he was having trouble. His first name was not on his birth certificate though he had 2 certificates prior with the name on it. Now they are charging him to have the name added. I was able to link him with an agency that helped him resolve the issue without being charged.

. Discuss the most important lessons learned during Foundation Practicum 1. Most Import lessons I learned- Impact of groups in substance abuse recovery and the importance of practicing self-care and self- awareness as a social worker

. How did you integrate the ethical and effective use of technology during your Foundation Practicum 1?

. How did you demonstrate cultural diversity and embrace differences?

Opportunities for Growth and Development

· Discuss the support you received from the agency or organization, site supervisor, and other staff.

· How did the support you received help you in your practice experience?

· How has the Foundation Practicum 1 shaped you as a future social work professional?

· What actions did you take to ensure a positive learning experience in practicum?

Self-Reflection and Evaluation

· How have you implemented the Masters of Social Work Program Mission Statement into practice experience?

· How have you used the Foundation Learning Contract to support your demonstration of the core competencies? The competencies are attached

· List one area you are seeking to improve professionally and personally.

· Share insight on your support system (those that cheer you on during graduate studies). My family is my biggest support system

· Share any additional reflections you may have, as desired.

Looking Forward

· Describe what you hope to gain in your Foundation Practicum 2 experience. Provide detailed examples.

· Notes: Use the “Notes” section to write what you would say if you were giving this presentation in person.

· Share how you can promote social justice in your next term of the Foundation Practicum


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