The 6 Levels of Vehicle Autonomy Explained

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One of our suggestions on innovation was to have fully autonomous driving trucks.  Well we all know that that is not perfected yet.  It is predicted that by 2032, we will have fully autonomous cars.  So this is what the vehicle industry did.  As always it created levels of self-driving to make sure that someone could say that it has a “self-driving” car.  First and foremost was Tesla and people who bought the car paid for “self-driving”, but if you have to stay aware and alert as though you were driving behind the wheel then you might as well drive.  If your hand is off of the steering wheel for so many seconds, the car begins to slow down.  Because the automotive industry just couldn’t get it right, it came up with levels of automation.  There are six levels of driving automation and the most we have gotten to is number 3 which is “conditional automation”.  Conditional automation is envionmental detection capabilities.  The vehicle can perform most driving tasks, but human override is still required.

I really think that the car industry should have just waited to sell this, but try to perfect it all the while.  My opinion is that innovation is either hot or cold, yes or no.  Conditional automation…no.  It is not the same as fully autonomous cars, not by a long shot. It is the stuff that you saw on the “The Jetsons”.

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The company I work for is AT&T and I have been with them for a little over 10 years.  I have been through the purchase of DirecTV Satellite service and Uverse services. Now, DirecTV Stream and the heavy focus on AT&T fiber. I have seen several price increases with television services and comparable pricing plans with streaming services such as HBO Max and DirecTV stream. It has been interesting to watch the social changes through my career with AT&T and how the demand of streaming has grown along with the pricing of the services.  I would like to create a streaming box that also had internet included with the streaming services. All in one box with both internet and streaming services built together for easy access for any user.  Instead of having installers come to your home it is a self service box that the consumer sets up the wifi at home and the tv services comes on with it for one low monthly fee. 

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Hello Professor & Classmates,

The technology application of interest to me involves healthcare and physician visits. When Covid-19 hit us, our workflow as healthcare workers obviously changed, and it was quite an adjustment. Our patients still needed to be seen since. At the time I worked for cardiologists and just because Covid was among us their heart conditions still needed to be addressed. In some cases, it was a life-or-death situation, and all associates had to think quick and find a way for these patients to be seen in different fashion. 

This is where the technology stepped in, we could offer our patients Telehealth visits which was a completely different workflow but extremely necessary. From this experience, we as a healthcare workers welcomed this new way of treating patients.  The technology advanced with more people downloading Mychart apps so they could connect with their physician quickly and efficiently, the mandates were secured as far as being compliant with HIPPA guidelines, the market was certainly demanding that this come into place since Covid was among us, and socially people were secluded because of this drastic change in how we were socializing.

My proposal is to continue advancement on Telehealth visits for physicians. The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically increased the use of telehealth services as patients look for ways to continue their treatment while following physical distancing guidelines. Stay-at-home orders and displacement of patients and providers have likely amplified practice across state lines. For example, if your child is in college in the same or different state they can still be seen as a telehealth visits. The laws have been changing to allow this type of innovative healthcare prevail. Obviously, there are times when it absolutely necessary to be physically seen and this is where the emergency room or urgent cares come into play for patient treatment. Telehealth visits can and will work for some patients.

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in my opinion, Innovation is influenced by technologies, mandates, consumer expectations, and societal changes. One of my passions is filmmaking. A major role is also played by business forces here. Technology, consumer demand, and so on are affected by the company. In addition to the usual market forces, other factors may play an important role, such as audience tastes and consumers’ evolving behavior. A better forum for showcasing films and audiovisual content could turn all of these forces into opportunities. I would like to suggest an innovation project for VR films: a specialized streaming platform. OTT platforms and apps are available for standard films and video material, but VR films do not have a dedicated app or OTT platform. This will fill the void and set a new trend in audiovisual entertainment. Assignment Help Provider

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