prepare a strategic plan for an agency facility #1 Essay Answers

prepare a strategic plan for an agency facility #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

In this assignment, you will prepare a Strategic Plan for an Agency/Facility.

I work with for the State of Texas HHSC Long term regulatory services department . we regulate nursing homes, assisted living facilities , adult day care centers .We use nurses, social workers, registered dietitian ,pharmacists and investigators who conduct surveys and investigation in these homes to ensure they are following regulations as mandated for their license types by either the state gov or Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

One outstanding challenge we have is shortage of licensed nursing staff -RN. This is because of lower or non competitive salaries for nurse by state government. pls use this for the assignment, the plan should focus on this issue and how to over come it in three years. our salaries are mandated by the state legislative and they only can change any state employee pay.

Focus is long term care regulatory

highlights our divisions Guiding Principles- Quality, Consistency, Efficiency, and Accountability.

Recently HHSC released the agency’s Business Plan for 2020- Blueprint For A Healthy Texas- Making a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve.

watch the video or review information on the specifics of the business plan please watch the video at the link below.


Ensure the components below are presented in your paper.

Include correct use of APA Style Guidelines with:

Description of the strategic plan

  • External environmental assessment (20 Points)
  • Mission/vision of the organization (10 Points)- ” vision is making a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve”, and our mission is “improving the health, safety and well-being of Texans with good stewardship of public resources”.
  • Goals – 3 year plan (25 Points)
  • Organization: Strengths (5 Points), Weaknesses (5 Points), Opportunities (5 Points), Threats (5 Points).
  • 3 year revenue projections (show each year separately in line graphs (15 points)
  • Scholarly written paper APA 6th edition format, 4-5 pages minimum excluding title page and reference page (10 Points)

An alternative Strategic Planning Scenario is also provided should you not have access to a health care facility to complete the assignment- Attached.

Please review the Sample Assignment located in the Resources folder on the left-side Course Menu-Attached.

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