mha 5028 ngo proposal #1 Essay Answers

mha 5028 ngo proposal #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 


Writing an effective proposal, including a balanced scorecard, is an important professional skill. Proposals are deliverables used in many fields, the purpose being to gain the support of decision makers for a project by providing accurate and succinct information. Proposals are written to persuade a specific audience, and should be clear and to the point. Do not repeat information that the audience already knows. Determine the key information they need to know in order to make a decision, and back it up with references. There are many examples for learning how to write a proposal on the Internet, as well as many types of templates that may be helpful as you write this assessment. Review the links in the Resources for support in completing this assessment.

Balanced Scorecards are also used in many professions. Refer to the Balanced Scorecard course file in the Resources for links and pertinent information. A balanced scorecard of a nonprofit can look very different from one for a commercial enterprise as it undertakes activities that serve altruistic ends.

Example of a Nonprofit’s Balanced Scorecard

This balanced scorecard of the Victoria Cool Aid Society is a great example of the perspectives and objectives of a service organization, whose mission is to operate as a steward for humanity in providing shelter and community health services to adults in need. Notice from this sampling the emphasis on becoming known and trusted in the community both in the eyes of clients and potential donors.

1. Financial Perspective
  • Seek actively funding to deliver new or expanded services or programs.
  • Diversify funding mix.
  • Maintain break even budget and ensure adequate reserves.
2. Customer Perspective (Expectations)
  • “Provide support, guidance, and leadership in your fields of expertise.”
  • “Provide us with opportunities to contribute.”
  • “Listen to my needs and be there when and where I need you.”
3. Internal Processes
  • Learn from our clients in order to advocate solutions within our community.
  • Engage stakeholders proactively to communicate who we are and our capabilities.
  • Minimize negative workplace environmental factors (number of violent incidents).
4. People Development Perspective
  • Hire, retain, and train to align resources and competencies.
  • Nurture a culture that supports and advocates the importance of work/life balance.
  • Foster a culture that embraces innovation, teamwork, leadership, and knowledge sharing.


For this assessment, assume the role described in the scenario below:

Scenario: Imagine you are working for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) and you have been tasked with examining a specific health problem in a country and determining how the NGO could combat the problem. How could the organization best supplement or complement services already in existence? What evidence-based tools for tracking outcomes would you suggest?

  1. Country: Choose a country which has identified one of the issues below as a central problem facing its population. Be sure that you have reasonable access to this country’s health care information.
  2. NGO: Choose a specific NGO with a global health mission to investigate.
  3. Health Issue: Choose one of the global health care issues listed below. Consider choosing an issue that is of particular interest or relevance to your career.
    • Infant and child mortality.
    • Substance abuse.
    • Infectious diseases (Zika virus, cholera, AIDS, malaria, flu, et cetera).
    • Noninfectious diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes).
    • Malnutrition.
    • Maternal and reproductive health.
  4. Gap Analysis: Identify gaps in services by examining one of the following areas in detail:
    • Affordability and funding.
    • Patient access and equity.
    • Education programs.
    • Prevention programs.
    • Service positioning (delivery).
    • Health care workforce.
    • Monitoring of the disease.

Structure your proposal as follows:

Part 1: Executive Summary

Examine a global health care issue within the context of a country.

Summarize the action(s) you are recommending for the NGO’s involvement in a country (one page).

  • Propose specific ways in which nonprofit financial resources could fill a gap in health care services.
    • Explain the rationale for the action. Why is this necessary?
    • Explain why the NGO is best positioned to address this need, as opposed to governmental or private organizations.
    • Explain how the proposal aligns with the NGO’s mission and/or existing services in the country.
Part 2: Need

Analyze the services of government, private, and nongovernmental providers to address the identified health issue.

  • What existing services address this issue? Who is providing these services?
  • What existing funding amounts and sources are dedicated to this issue?
  • What is a gap in these services that you can identify?
Part 3. Balanced Scorecard

Appraise current performance indicators and outcome measures for potential improvements.

Create a balanced scorecard that addresses a proposal to fill a health service gap.

  • Financial Perspective: Differentiate the services of private and nongovernmental providers from those of governmental entities.
    • How would the NGO would supplement or complement existing initiatives (or address an unmet need)?
  • Customer Perspective (Expectations).
  • Internal Processes.
  • People Development Perspective.
Part 4: Project Evaluation

Propose an approach to measure NGO outcomes.

  • What evidence-based tools for tracking outcomes would you suggest?
Part 5: Conclusion

Summarize how the NGO is uniquely positioned to meet this need in a country (one paragraph).

Additional Requirements

Your proposal should meet the following requirements:

  • Formatting: Use current APA standards for style and formatting.
  • Number of Resources: Minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources.
  • Length: 4–5 double-spaced pages, not including title and reference page.
  • Font and size: Times New Roman, 12-point.
  • Communication: Write clearly and concisely, with well-organized communication that is supported with relevant evidence. Use bullet points, phrases, or tables or charts to convey information succinctly.

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