research on warren buffett s 1 million bet #1 Essay Answers

research on warren buffett s 1 million bet #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

You will need to write a reflection paper for topic assigned to do research on. Your ability to express and communicate concepts in writing will assist you with your cognitive development and your professional success. The topic will be assigned, however, you will identify the points you want to research and write about. The focus is entirely up to you; what you learned, what you dig into, how it relates to you. I would like to see you found things that is challenging, unfamiliar, interesting, and tell me why.

Your reflection paper should be two pages, single-spaced, and should be broken into three sections:

(a) A brief summary of the assigned readings/film/topic;
(b) Introduce the most important finance-related concepts from your research – articulate your points in a detailed way as you are trying to teach someone; and reflect what you consider to be the “take-home messages” of those concepts;
(c) How these “take-home messages” are related to what you have learned in this course, and how will be applied in your future professional and personal life. Remember, reflections could be more meaningful if they come from mindset shift or different ways to think rather than knowledge itself.

The three sections above will serve as your guideline and organization of the paper, but will not limit what content you would like to deliver. Make sure to include proper references if needed and references will not be counted in the two-page limit.

Please do research on Warren Buffett’s $1 million bet.

“A decade ago, the investor made a bet for $1 million with a hedge fund manager that a low-cost S&P 500 index fund would far better than a collection of a Protégé Partners hedge funds.
On Friday, the bet was officially sealed in Buffett’s favor when the closing bell rang at the New York Stock Exchange. The final tally, according to The Wall Street Journal, saw Buffett’s fund have a compounded 7.1 percent annual return, compared to his opponent’s 2.2 average return.” (

Here are several things you can start with.

1) What were the details of the bet? What was Buffett’s argument?

2) What is Buffett’s view of compounding? Check out the power of compounding.

3) Find out Buffett’s letters to Berkshire shareholders-fun to read and reflect, and one of best educational finance readings.

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