13 pages research #1 Essay Answers

13 pages research #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

The research questions How do some states have nuclear weapons while other can’t have them?

I included some links but it needs to have 15 references for the research

INTERNATIONAL LAW: Research Paper Guidelines

The main requirements for the research paper are that it is on the topic of international law and that it presents an argument.

The purpose of this paper is to allow you to take your study of and interest in International Law in any direction you like. The course has emphasized many different themes including the history of international law, customary international law, treaties, jurisdiction, and international courts to name a few. And we will also be examining specific areas of the law including trade law, humanitarian law, the law of the seas, and environmental law. You are allowed to write on any of these themes if you choose to do so. But this research paper should ideally be seen as your opportunity to head in other directions and, perhaps, analyze other themes you care about. In short, this is a chance to enrich and expand upon the material covered in the course. The only topical constraints are that your paper focuses on matters of international law and is in between 12-15 pages.

Research Paper components:

  • Thorough explanation linked to a central theme or question that motivates your paper. This research paper can be formulated around a variety of research goals. So for instance, you can try to identify a puzzle in international law and attempt to explain this puzzle. An example could be: Why do states comply with international law in some cases and not others? OR What is the role of international law in reducing armed conflict? Another option is to take a critical approach. The paper can be structured around a critique of one of the theories/readings and why you think an alternative approach would explain a phenomenon in global nuclear politics. An example would be: Rosa Brooks argues that although the expansion of UAV (drones) usage does not constitute a violation of international law, it violates the rule of law. However, she fails to consider the ways in which drone use is the best strategy to follow the distinction and proportionality principles inherent in the use of force (jus ad bellum) and the law of armed conflict (jus in bello)
  • An argument. Be sure to develop a perspective on the puzzle you present. Your argument on the topic you choose should be evident in the first page of the paper. You don’t necessarily have to open with a “why” question but the reader should know what is being explained before leaving the first page.
  • Thesis statement. A concise thesis statement seeks to link your question with your central argument and the support that you will use throughout the paper. For example: I argue that the failings of the Rwandan genocide indicate that international society needs a broader mandate for humanitarian intervention…
  • Research. You are welcome and encouraged to use readings presented throughout the course. However, you must also demonstrate evidence of significant outside research.This means consulting peer-reviewed journal articles, books, newspapers, reliable online sources, and so on.Start early by going to the library and asking the reference librarians what sorts of resources the library has on your topic and how to find them.As such, at least half of the sources you use have to be from outside what is provided through the class. You can have more than half if you’d like but need half at the very least.
  • The law Nuclear weapons and what IL says about it and is it legal to develop one and the history of these treates and agreement
  • The history of the Iraqi secret nuclear program and how the world acted to this.

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