discussion reply 115 #1 Essay Answers

discussion reply 115 #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 


PRC defines poverty as an individual surviving on less than US $.66

cents a day. The National Bank along with the United Nations defines

absolute poverty on an individual surviving on US $1.00 a day. The

difference between the between the two beliefs mean that there are many

more Chinese living in poverty then the government in China

acknowledges. The PRC has come up with multiple plans and acts to help

the poor in the country. Two of the major plans were to reform the

economy and open the country. The goal of these plans was to give

China’s rural farmers freedom and incentives to improve their lives.

In 1978, China introduced the Household Responsibility System which

ended centralized agricultural planning and gave these areas back to

individuals. China decided to eliminate collective agricultural

practices to give individuals a chance to make income off their own

crops and also to feed their own families from these crops. The

Southwest Poverty Deduction Project provided basic infrastructure such

as roads and electricity to link these people with the outside world.

Water management systems were put in place to make poorer individuals

lives easier so they no longer needed to fetch water daily. Improved

seed and animal stocks have increased income. This has led to better

health care and education. The increase in roads has made it easier for

people to get their crops to markets to make money. All of these

programs aimed to give people the means to improve their lives. There

are many ongoing challenges for addressing poverty and hunger in China.

China is a large country. The government cannot necessary control it

all, there is difficulty in coordinating between different departments

of the government, and the best ways to handle the interest of various

groups. The recent generation of growth in the country has helped

increase the differences between the rich and power. Entrepreneurship

has increased in many parts of the country. This entrepreneurship has

created more job opportunities. It has helped increase labor mobility

where large groups are taking jobs in cities further away and sending

the money home to poorer areas in the country. These entrepreneurs or

“dragon heads” have given many people inspiration that they too, may

greatly improve their lives. The raise of these entrepreneurs have also

helped increase the differences between the rich and poor. They are

contributing to the distribution inequality in income and social

inequality. This helps lead to the social instability in China.

“The real Leap Forward”.

Also, the video i posted i got from you tube, but this is not the source the teacher gave. I just found the duplicate. you ” the real leap forward” as citation for original post i sent- below is the direction for the response. Thanks so much!!!


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  • In your response show independent thinking, introduce a different opinion or perspective than those of your classmates
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  • Provide an answer or engage with one of the questions (the one you find most interesting) from your classmate’s mini-essay.

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