complete 4 page psychology essay tcc #1 Essay Answers

complete 4 page psychology essay tcc #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

APA Writing Assignment

General Formatting Instructions:

  • Upload your paper to Canvas by 11:59pm on the due date (posted in Canvas) to receive full credit.
  • Your paper is expected to be 4 double-spaced, typed pages in length (not including a cover page and a References page). Use 12 pt. font and 1 inch margins.
  • Provide a cover page with your name, PSY 2012, and a title.
  • To reach the 4 page requirement, the responses to each question below should be about 1 page in length. If your paper is a little short, consider adding a brief introductory and/or conclusion paragraph.
  • Only use APA Style for your parenthetical citations and your References page. Please see the link in the Writing Assignment module in Canvas: “APA Style Guide” for the APA Style Guide.
  • A significant portion of your grade depends on the quality of your writing (proper sentence composition, grammar and punctuation). Please proofread carefully or get help at the Learning Commons.
  • Finally, be very careful to use your own words. Plagiarized sections will – at minimum – receive 0 points. Serious cases of plagiarism will be reported to Judicial Affairs.
  • Read your article carefully and answer the following questions in your paper:
  • Provide a References page at the very end of your paper (see APA Style Guide in Canvas).

Paper Instructions:

  • Source: locate ONE scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. You may choose any topic in Psychology that addresses global and social diversity but make sure your article covers an empirical study.
  • The list below provides ideas about areas in psychology that are related to global and social diversity:
    • Cross-cultural psychology
    • Psychology of gender
    • Psychology of race/ethnicity
    • Psychology of sexual orientation
    • Psychology of religion
    • Abnormal psychology (i.e., psychological disorders)
  • PsycArticles (EBSCO), found in TCC’s databases in the Library (click on AtoZ Databases) is a great source but you can also find free articles at
  • What were the main questions/hypotheses posed in the study?
  • Who was studied and what type of research method was used?
  • What, exactly, did the researchers measure and how did they do it?
  • What were the main results? TIP: Pull this from the article’s “Discussion” section.
  • What do you think? Add you own opinion / concluding remarks here.

Late Papers:

Papers turned in up to 3 days (1 day = 24 hours) late will receive a 10% penalty. Papers turn in between 3 and 7 days late will receive a 25% penalty. Papers turned in more than 7 days late will receive a 50% penalty. No papers will be accepted after the last day of classes (excluding final exam week).

The paper grading rubric is on the following page for your reference.

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