model essay 4 thesis statements #1 Essay Answers

model essay 4 thesis statements #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

Model Essay 4 Thesis Statements

A successful thesis for Essay 4 will…

  • Identify a common belief in our culture or something the writer used to think
  • Explain the shift in thinking the writer wants the reader to have or how their own thinking has shifted on the issue
  • Use a contrast word (although, however, but)

Notice, too, these other strategies that some of the models use:

  • Use an argument word (must, need, should) to make it clear the writer thinks the shift is necessary.
  • Include a brief summary of the evidence that the writer bases their shift in thinking on or that the reader should base a shift in thinking on.

Student Models:

Although some may believe that climate change is not an urgent issue, we must take action now because climate change is deteriorating the state of the earth much faster than we may think.

Although there is a stigma around people who suffer from mental illness, this is a very real issue that affects 1 in 5 people and needs to be taken seriously.

Most people believe a college degree is one of the most significant elements we need in order to succeed; however, there are many outstanding individuals who have never been into college or received a college degree.

Many people have been successful without education; however, I don’t think it is the safest route to take when banking on a better future.

Essay 4 Criteria

A Successful Inquiry Essay (Essay 4) will…


  • Give background information about the common belief you are writing about
  • Explain your personal motivation for writing about this topic
  • Have a public motive, expressed in a strong thesis (common belief, but shift)
  • Place the thesis near the end of the intro to prepare the reader for the rest of the essay


  • Might discuss what evidence people usually base the common belief on
  • Present what evidence you found that counters the common belief using summary, paraphrasing and quotation
  • Credit information you learn through sources by following MLA format (give the name of the author and title of the source when you introduce a new piece of evidence)
  • Use paragraphing to show when you shift to a new idea or piece of evidence
  • Include quotes from your sources to show your reader your evidence
  • Have commentary or analysis of the information you learn through sources
  • Have a conclusion that discusses the implications of your thesis (What will happen if we do/don’t change our beliefs? If the reader changes their beliefs, what do we need to do?)
  • Meet the word count of 750-1000 words

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