forum initial post 2 responses #1 Essay Answers

forum initial post 2 responses #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

Once you have read Chapter 6, locate a recent news article (no older than 1 year) that is relevant to crime in the United States and provide a link to it. You must summarize in one paragraph why you selected the article and how it is relevant to the topic. Your post should also include a paragraph about how the information in this article affects or could affect you or someone you know.

You must also respond to at least two students. 250 words minimum. APA format.

1. Elizabeth

This chapter discusses crime, deviance, and our justice system.

This article discusses a man throwing forever damaging acid on what he assumed to be an illegal immigrant. The problem began as a disagreement on parking. The accused is an apparent white male. While throwing the acid from a container, he man yelled at him to go back to his country. This is arguably premeditated, as most individuals do not carry a container of acid along with them throughout their day. I choose this article because I believe it properly reflects the previous chapters as well as the current. This is undeniably a hate crime fueled my racism, discrimination, and an ethnocentric attitude.

This could’ve been someone that I know. This this kind of privileged mindset and ideology walking around, many are at risk. I have multiple friends that may “appear” foreign to others. If all it takes is to upset someone over a parking spot to get acid thrown, our minorities are in extreme danger. The man who committed this crime believed that he had the right to preform such a heinous act. The victim was caused such pain and damaging, long lasting affects.

2. Darcy

The news article regarding crime that I chose took place this past Sunday. The articles speaks about two men who were able to escape Monterey County Jail in Salinas, California. Santos Fonseca and Jonathan Salazar, who were both accused of murder along with several other charges were able to successfully escape through a hole in the ceiling of a washroom in their housing unit. The article mentions that this isn’t the first time someone has escaped from this specific prison. Lastly, the article ends by asking for the publics help in finding the two inmates but also warns them not to approach them as they are considered armed and dangerous.

I selected this article because I was amazed at how easily two men who are considered to be very dangerous could escape jail. It blows my mind that men accused of murder would not be held somewhere with greater protection. Another reason why I chose this article is because of the serious problems that now arise with Jonathan and Santos on the loose (I will cover this more in depth in the third paragraph of my response). This article is relevant to the topic because not only have these two young men committed crimes in the past, they are also committing a crime by escaping jail. As stated in the Chapter 7 power point, “A crime is the violation of a criminal law enacted by the federal, state or local government.” Both murder and escaping jail, especially murder, are very serious crimes.

The article could affect pretty much anyone in the United States but more specifically it could affect police officers in the surrounding areas of the jail. Ironically enough, my best friends uncle is a police officer in California. I would imagine he will be informed about these men and might even be involved in trying to find them. Having these men out of jail and roaming the streets puts U.S citizens in danger. No one knows where these men are and the possibilities are endless as to what they could be up to.

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