discussion creative strategy statement #1 Essay Answers

discussion creative strategy statement #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 

In this assignment, you will share your creative strategy statement in order to receive peer feedback. You will also provide meaningful feedback to your peers.

In your initial post, share the creative strategy statement that you are planning to use for your final project. Include a few sentences explaining why you selected this strategy statement for your campaign. How will you communicate this inter-departmentally to ensure all marketing materials reinforce this message? Additionally, discuss how you will maintain ethical best practices. What questions or concerns do you have?

Respond to your peers by providing meaningful and tactful feedback on their creative strategy statements. Be sure to respond to any questions or concerns that your peers had in their initial post. In your feedback, touch upon any potential ethical issues that may arise.

Peer Post 1

My marketing strategy is less is more. Having the logo be so noticeable

that your company name is not needed. For example champion and Nike are

good example about how there logo are so noticeable that you don’t even

need there named mentioned. This is how I would like New England Pet

supply to be. I would use my graphic design background to help create a

strong simply logo. I would team up with my public relations side of the

company to help promote the new logo and help it become well known. The

ethic side of this is to make the logo simply so it not misunderstood

and cause controversy. I also want to provide a direct phone number/

email address to customers so they can call or message with any problems

or concerns. Make a brand promise and don’t lie. A strong brand

requires loyal customers and for the brand promise to hold up. My concerns is to how to make the logo recognize so that it represents my company and not get associated with another brand.

Peer Post 2

My strategy is simple but I think effective. Companies with little to no exposure need something to make them stand out. They need to do this locally and online as well. The biggest thing they can do is to make sure they are on the largest online retailers along with their own website. Not being on Amazon for example will only end up cutting out potential sales they could have. When it comes to the locals I believe the best way to get the word out is by going to conventions and working local pet stores. They need to do cross promotion and help the local stores while they help themselves. If new pet owners are offered this product it will not only get a sale but also spread the word. These are both show how I would want to sell the product but I still have not explained the core message. My message will showcase that the product is safe, healthy, and affordable. People love their animals and will do almost anything for them. If they can make sure they are healthier for a cheap price I think that will get peoples attention.

To make sure that all departments are on board with this message I would have several things checked multiple times before going live. I would have the online storefront checked to make sure the message is clear. I would make sure the stores we are working with understand what our product is about. Lastly I would check with the management of each department to make sure they understand what our message is as well.

When it comes to ethical business practices I believe in one simple thing and that is don’t lie to the customer. I will be upfront and honest about our product and make sure our message does not say anything that is not true or stretching the truth. Nobody likes the products that for some reason have the solution to world hunger on the label. I don’t want to deceive people because it’s wrong and the animals don’t deserve that. I don’t think I have any concerns with anything. It all seems very straightforward to me but I could always be missing something.

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