need assignment for management theory 2 #1 Essay Answers

need assignment for management theory 2 #1 Essay Answers  – #1 Essay Answers 



Write a minimum of 100 words to address each section below:
1- Identify and describe the Big Five dimensions of personality.
2- Analyze your own tendencies and select a dimension that you would like to change about yourself. Detail two specific, measurable action steps to reach your goal in that area.


Write a minimum of 100 words per each section below:

1- Explain the difference between organizational plurality and diversity.
2- Compare the three paradigms (methods) for managing diversity. Discuss the benefits and limitations of each.
3- Distinguish between surface-level diversity and deep-level diversity.


Answer the questions below using the links of websites provided. If any of the links doesn’t work, search for the website in your browser and proceed with the questions.

1- Go to the website of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at (Links to an external site.) and answer the following questions:
(a) What specific rights does the ADA protect?
(b) What are some new or proposed regulations within the ADA?
(c) What else did you learn about ADA from this site?
2Go to the website of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at (Links to an external site.). This contains the entire document of Title VII of the Act. Browse through it and answer the following questions:
(a) What are some examples of unlawful employment practices?
(b) What are some exemptions?
(c) What else did you learn about the Civil Rights Act from this site?
3- Go to the Dept. of Labor website (Links to an external site.) and review the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Answer the following questions:
(a) What is FMLA designed to help with?
(b) What are reasons why we can take FMLA?
(c) Who is eligible for such a leave?


Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and Collusion: Helen Turbnball (13:15 min.) TEDxDelrayBeach.

Copy and paste the URL below in your browser to find the video. If the URL doesn’t work, open YouTube ( and search for the title. Click on the ‘closed caption’ [cc] or ‘subtitle languages’ to select subtitles.

View the video and provide specific, thorough and well-developed answers to the questions below:

1 – Explain the inclusion Paradox.
2 – How does Helen Turnball define the “innocent eye”?
3 – List and explain the ‘faces’ that Turnball explains we all have.
4 – Detail the ‘Stroop effect’.
5 – Reflect on your blind spots. Explain some of the things you do to exclude others. Formulate two thorough and specific actions you can take to address those blind spots.

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