5 page case study analysis 2024

5 page case study analysis 2024

5 page case study analysis 2024.

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Case Study AnalysisRead the HBR Case, CEO Spotlight: Jeff Bezos One Eye on the Customer, The Other on the Future by James Quinn.In a 4-5 page paper complete the following steps:Synopsis of the case.Bezos describes the key to Amazon’s innovation as “…starting with the customers and working backwards….

”   Describe if, in your opinion, this business strategy is aligned with the knowledge you have obtained in our Organizational Behavior course?  Is it an effective business strategy, to start with the customers and work backwards?  Provide examples to support your answer.Bezos has named the lobby of Amazon Headquarters, “Day One North.

”   Why do you think he named the building this unusual name?  Do you think this name has an impact on Amazon’s organizational behavior?  Why or why not?  Support your answer with examples.Bezos describes, “Disruption is just a consequence of customers liking the “new way.”  The mind-set we use, is, “how can we delight customers?”  Bezos says, “We don’t seek to disrupt; we seek to delight.

  If you invest something completely new and radical and customers don’t care about it, it’s not disruptive.  Radical invention is only disruptive if customers love it.”  How does this CEO philosophy shape Amazon’s organizational culture?  Does this philosophy support or hinder employees?  Based on course content, what is your opinion?Amazon is willing to consider new business ventures like Amazon Fresh, do you think Amazon’s culture is uniquely prepared to handle new ventures?  Describe why or why not.

Bezos states he admires entrepreneurs, “I get al weak-kneed around entrepreneurs.”  What aspects of the Amazon’s culture support the entrepreneur spirit?  Can any organization apply a culture that supports and seeks entrepreneurs?  What is your opinion?Conclusion: Consider you are hired as the new Amazon CEO.

What one change would you implement immediately upon hire and why.The paper should follow APA guidelines, cite any outside sources and present original student ideas.