Abstract outline 2024

Abstract outline 2024

Abstract outline 2024.

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Abstracted OutlineBegin your review of the theoretical and research literature to support for your Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5. Keep in mind that you will demonstrate, via a thorough review of the literature, what represents best practices in a practice or specialization in psychology.At this point in the development of your literature review, you should be able to identify 16 to 25 sources that support the development of the abstracted outline.

Apa-formatted reference list

Create and post an abstracted outline of your literature review for your Integrative Project: Chapters  1 to 5. You should present two to three sentences for each subheading, explaining the key points to be covered under that subheading.This material should be cited in APA style and the outline should conclude with an APA-formatted reference list.

Attach your discussion as a Word document set in Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced type. In addition, please copy and paste the content into the message box for your post.